Serious thoughts if coaching staff gets fired

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Schaub2Dre, Dec 14, 2010.

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    Arian Foster is in his final year of his contract and it expires after this season. He is the perfect back for Kubiaks system. If we do clean house and fire everyone, what do you guys think will happen to him? I personally don't think he will be as effective if we don't run the ZBS with him and we may end up wasting $50 million and 5 years on him.

    And obviously from what we seen tonight and throughout the entire season, this offense is near perfect if they get their minds right for a full 60 minutes, I really hate to see it changed.

    But obviously coaching change is needed. It's sickening to know how every game is going to be played out basically.

    1)Slow start
    2)trail by 14+points going into half time
    3)offense and defense starts rolling
    4)teams comesback from behind, chance to tie/win the game
    5a)we choke.
    OR 5b) the very few times we actually win

    If we could just find a defensive minded coach that can make sure the players will play a full 60 minutes worth of the talent that they are ccapable of performing to, this is a very good team.

    My absolute dream would be to hire a big name defensive minded coach (like Cowher, Parcells, or Gruden), and KEEP Kubiak as Offensive Coordinator. But yeah, I doubt that will happen.
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    It's more likely to keep Kubiak and hire Wade Phillips as defensive coordinator than get a big coach and keep Kubiak as OC

    ....but yeah, if only we could shore it up.
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    I totally agree. I hate to see the offense dismantled in the case of a coaching change. The only change in offense I'd like to see is for Jacoby to be gone, a better #2 receiver for AJ, and Walter to move down to #3. Not to mention a healthy OD.
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    Ignorant comments on Arian Foster. The Texans use power and zone run plays. They've added a ton of more power runs this year and Arian is just as effective with either scheme. Just tonight they ran a power run and Arian juked Ray Lewis and picked up another 10 yards. He's shiftier and faster than what he gets credit for. We have a franchise back and should pay him as one.
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    Trends can change for the better in a team in future seasons.

    This has been a super brutal schedule. Against superior, quality teams like the Jets, Ravens, Chargers, Eagles, etc...the fact is that Kubiak has had his team ready to hit back...and hit back hard. I don't think it's really coaching we have to blame. Even with a horrific defense, for them to be in position to win against these teams HAS TO SAY SOMETHING.

    The Texans are still a fairly young team with upside. I think 9-7 last year was so-so against a so-so schedule. This year was more of a real test...and no, they are just not ready yet. So I don't buy into this all or nothing campaign of "Kubiak better go 11-5 and playoffs...or else!"

    Last year saw a passing offense really put it to teams they had a handle on. They played close to teams that were superior or equal to them. We might say last year was a mirage of sorts.

    This year, I think they had to go through one more test, with such a gauntlet of heavyweight teams, and while we didn't like the end results...the Texans' body of work, resilience and willing to fight back for Kubiak when it seemed all hope was gone...that stuff pays off later on. They have now found a specimen of a RB for their ZBS game...and became a top 5 red zone team. And last I checked, the passing game has been pretty good the past few seasons, even if it hasn't been as surgical as last year's attack.

    The biggest mistake on the part of the coaching staff this year was to gamble with young corners...and not work harder to find ways to put heat on an opposing QB. They finally did let loose on Flacco...and they should have done it earlier.

    But overall, as I see the season at this juncture, I think it would be a big mistake to let Kubiak go at this point. Doubtful that he's fired though, once the season is truly evaluated. The rest of this season doesn't matter now...but it would say a lot if the Texans keep on fighting, playing hard, even if they don't win another game this season. If this is so, definitely keep Kubiak.
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    I hope there is a Lockout next year i need to save some money and IMO we da texans fans need a long break from losing

    GO to church on sunday anything is better then the Losses we have to face
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  7. DX-TEX

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    They wont give Foster a multi-million dollar deal. they will franchise him for next year and if he pans out two consecutive years THEN they give him a multi year deal.
  8. Pantherstang84

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    Gruden is an offensive minded coach btw from the Holmgren coaching tree.
  9. 97roc

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    The LC
    I believe Foster is an exclusive rights player. So there is no doubt he will be a Texan next year. It is almost certain he'll get a multi-year deal but the lockout will put ice on it for a while.
  10. Lucky

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    The Texans have failed the test (again).
    The Texans are not a heavyweight team.
    The big mistake was bringing Kubiak back for a 5th season.
    Definitely, do not keep Kubiak.

    I do agree on one point. "The rest of this season doesn't matter now".

  11. painekiller

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    On the West Belt
    They have exclusive rights to Foster for 4 more year in the current system, in the old system they would have two more years of exclusive rights.
  12. VTexan

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    How many coaches have been around for 6 seasons that have never been to the playoffs?

    Also, any new coach can clearly see that our offense is not the problem. I would be shocked if a new HC changed from the ZBS.
  13. Ole Miss Texan

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    I really think Kubiak is going to stay as Head Coach. If that is the case, this is what I'd like to see happen this offseason and a few questions:

    1. Hire Wade Phillips as Defensive Coordinator.
    2. What's the deal with Gibbs? Do we need a new Secondary coach?
    3. Phillips signs Marcus Spears as a pass rusher (FA).
    4. Kubiak/Smith/Phillips sign Champ Bailey (FA) to add veteran leadership at CB.
    5. Look for DT help, preferably a good NT and/or pass rusher.
    6. Look for Safety help, we need someone with smarts and ballskills.

    I think we need to get some veterans on this team on defense for a change. The time to do that is when there is a coaching change. Phillips would probably have some pull to get Spears. Bailey is an unknown but I havn't heard any rumors of contract negotiations with him/Denver and they're having a coaching change too. I think these could be two attainable veteran FA's. Again, when there's a coaching change, they tend to have a little pull with the F.O. to get at least 1 player or 2 that they really want. I think McNair/Smith like the CBs we have with Quin and Jackson and I'm sure they will improve, but I think McNair will be more willing to get some veterans back there after this season. A lot of it may do with Kubiak being on the hot hot seat. And although we've been saying this the last couple years, McNair is probably thinking THIS HAS TO BE THERE YEAR... or else.

    Phillips sounds like a brilliant defensive guy. I don't know if we even necessarily have to switch to a 3-4 this offseason. We may play a lot of different formations next year. Come draft time, we need to draft the best playmakers that are available. If that's at WR, do it. If that's a DT, S... do it. We need difference makers on this team. Coupled with the veterans we have and will have added, it would be good. I also think Phillips gives McNair the flexibility if in a year or two, Kubiak gets canned we at least have a viable fall back guy for HC.

    I don't change anything on Offense. Keep the staff. I would add some more depth through the draft and if there are any decent FA signings. Mainly interior OL help and WR. If there's a good prospect at WR, I'd take him. Jacoby pisses me off too much. I pray Holliday comes to form and is a stud KR/PR for us. A WR that could also return would be a huge plus.
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