Selling 4 Endzone DEN@HOU tickets (section 13 row r) +2orange passes $220 OBO

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    The Woodlands, Texas
    4 sweet seats to the Broncos@Texans game this Saturday.

    Section 134 Row R (all 4 seats in a row and are aisle seats)

    These are endzone seats right near the pylon. The sightlines are perfect and we have had these season tickets since Day One. I will sell all 4 tickets and 2 Orange Lot parking passes for $220 OBO. That is over like $300 in face values.

    PM me or email me at for more information

    I live in Woodlands but drive to Houston just about every day. I would be willing to take them to a public place of your designation to meet and make exchange anywhere inside the loop or north of it.

    Would love to go to game but my brother and his wife are expecting their baby any day and we have to to go to circus Saturday morning in Beaumont with my daughter.

    I dont want to see these great endzone seats go to waste. They are like 20th row or so field level and the Halliburton Heroes are right in front of us which means you can wave to the camera each and every game when it comes by to pay tribute.

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