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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by LORK 88, Oct 9, 2006.

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    Because Houston had their bye week last Sunday, I was able to relax (as was my blood pressure) and sit down and analyze Dallas for as long as it was tolerable. If anyone else watched the game, or any Dallas fans are out there, feel free to chip in. I know we have some lurking Dallas fans somewhere around here . . .

    1) Pressure Bledsoe!! When he has time, he can get the ball to their playmakers (theres a lot of them), but when he was pressured, he was forced into errant throws and was rattled. The more pressure, the better, but we need to blitz effectively. The most effective way I saw Philly do it was with twist stunts. They sent Howard twisting inside and was most effective in the middle. Because of size and strength comparisons, I could see this being an effective way to blitz Mario.

    2) Dont fear the running game, but we better respect it. Dallas doesnt have a deadly running game, but a solid one they use to set up their passing game. Jones is the more traditional runner who is best up the middle, with Barber being the 3rd down back who is an excellent receiver out of the backfield. Neither are huge HR threats, but they need to be shut down.

    3) Ware and the pass rush will give our O Line a HUGE test. If its one thing that wasnt hard to miss, its DeMarcus Ware and his beastly-ness. He's just got speed off the edge and gives LTs trouble. The other main pass threat was Greg Ellis coming off the offense's right side. He's not as quick, but has more moves to get where he needs to. It worries me that Salaam and Wiegert will be blocking them, it worries me and we need to throw some screens and draws to nuetralize it.

    4) Getting the running game started is going to be difficult. Dallas hasn't allowed a 100 yard rusher, hasn't allowed above a 4 YPC RB, and we haven't had a RB who's done either!! It will be difficult to get the running game going and its imperative we don't give up early on the running game. It helps us set up our play actions and bootlegs so its imperative we run.

    5) Their pass D is decent, but Pat Watkins is the obvious weak link. He bit on some double moves and had some difficulty locating the ball in the air. simply put, he's playing like a rookie. Because of this, I suggest we go after him and test him often. AJ and EMo have been great thus far, and going against an average pass D could be our best shot, but thats if we get time to throw the ball downdfield.

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