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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by baba ganoush, Mar 28, 2007.

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    A scenario that has kept me up late on a school night - trade with Carolina?

    14. Reggie Nelson(S) - I think we can trade with them so they can be a lock for Patrick Willis. There are many teams targeting him such as Buffalo, New England and the 49ers. With the health concerns of Dan Morgan, I think they make the move and allow us to take thier second rounder. They may even try and make a move for LaRon Landry...

    45. Sidney Rice(WR) - We need a a guy with sure hands and good enough speed to stretch the field opposite of Andre. I would pray that he is still on the board at this point, but if he isn't I can still see us taking a reciever in the second...

    73. Doug Free(OT) - A big guy that can move at the tackle position, and with the concern of not having Charles Spencer I really like this kid. I believe he can play both tackle positions and at nearly 6'7" 309 lbs. he sounds like a perfect tackle for Kubiaks zone blocking offense...

    Round 4. Kareem Brown(DT) - We finally can get a decent defensive lineman that can get pressure on the quarterback. I think he'll be on the board at this time and hopefully we could snag him and turn him into a starter and help take pressure off of Mario Williams...

    Round 5 - Dan Mozes(C) - The kid leaves it all on the field after every game. He knows how to be a leader and lead by example. One word effort, this kid has a motor that never stops and maybe it will rub off on the rest of the team, He'll fall this far cause of his size, he needs longer arms and will get blown away at times from bigger NT...

    Round 6 - Reggie Lewis(CB) - Ex-wide reciever, so he should be familiar running against routes. Playing in the National Championship game he along with Reggie Nelson dominated the secondary. It would be awesome if we can get those two on the same team...

    Round 7 - Vincent Marshall(WR) - Speedy wide reciever that can also return kicks very well and had reliable hands while being on the opposite end of Kevin Kolbs passes...If I cant have Kevin Kolb I want Vincent Marshall!!!
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    good job i like it

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    I could see the trade but i would much rather have someone like Quentin Moses, Tony Ugoh, Marcus McCauley, or Eric wright who all are most likey to be there with that 2nd round pick.
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    Yes! I like it.

    Another scenario I'd like is Eric Wright or Tanard Jackson in the 3rd and Mario Henderson in the 6th. Though I don't know if he'd last that long.
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    please dont waste a pick on an offensive tackle. i know spencer is 50-50 to come back, but any rookie offensive tackle not named joe thomas or levi brown will be a backup, and we dont need any more backup tackles. you could make the argument that we took 2 starting tackles in the third last year, but this class is very weak and marten would probably be a 2nd day pick at best last year.

    on another note, trading with the panthers might be dangerous, as their starting free safety, mike minter, is going to retire after the season.

    sidney rice is a fine pick, but i think we could use someone a little more physical and polished than him. i dont think he'd be there anyway. i would actually look to use the pick on a true defensive end like victor abiamiri and pick a WR later. if you're dead set with rice, fine, i really wouldnt have any complaints.

    kareem brown is very talented, and we could really use the pressure from the inside. he does have some attitude problems, and isnt too fond of practice. i'm not really sure if we really need him as much as we need a big space clogger to stop the run. we have too many 3 technique type DT's, and i'm not ready to give up on Travis Johnson, who is actually kinda similar to Brown as far as attitude and work ethic goes. i was actually pimping him like crazy in the 3rd round earlier this year until i read more about him.

    other than those reasons, i like it. covers most of our needs. if thats how it turns out, i won't complain.

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