Schaub needs the work

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by sbalderrama, Oct 12, 2008.

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    I think if some of you were the coach we'd have a new quarterback in the game after every interception. Matt is still a young, learning quarterback. Neither he or Sage are top 5 QB's, and they will never have a chance to get there if you don't let them learn their job in real games. It's taken Eli Manning 3 solid years of starting before he's begining to look like a quality QB. Personally, I think Matt and Sage are nearly identical in capability at this point... if Kubes think's that Matt is the guy he wants long term, then Matt needs to play and learn to work though the turnover problems he's having. Today he, and the team, learned that he can lead a last minute touchdown scoring drive. That can only help.

    This team has more than enough problems to repair without creating artificial ones by swapping your QB's around all the time.
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    Over here.
    Interceptions? Shoot, we need to just switch QBs every time there's an incompletion. No mercy! :foottap:
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    And to think, poor Sage won't get a chance to redem himself until Schaub either totally tanks or gets hurt. Hopefully he never gets that chance; i.e. Matt sets the league a blaze AND stays healthy.

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