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    Most of y'all have probably seen this, but here it is anyway.

    The Rich Eisen Podcast: Jeff Saturday, Michael Lombardi and Rob Riggle Story

    Rich Eisen Podcast with Jeff Saturday mp3 file

    I think both Jeff Saturday and Rich Eisen did a great job with the interview. It was both informative and entertaining. I came away two distinct opinions:

    1. Considering that the players unanimously rejected the ownersÂ’ final offer and then essentially walked away from the table, neither side is willing to give up anything else in this negotiation.

    2. While Saturday always said the right thing "we want to play football", I'm just not buying it. Sales people are taught to look for three things to close the deal ~ 1 a willing and able buyer, 2 a willing and able seller, and 3 a sense of urgency to close the deal. Neither side seems to have a sense of urgency to complete the deal. This is based more on actions then on words being that the owners did give new contract to the players until the last day and the players didn't really consider that contract.

    I just don't think either side cares about the season. I just don't see anything happening until after the season starts.
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    There is certainly no urgency. I really haven't thought about it until recently....if they miss games I'll feel somewhat burned, don't know what yet but I will do something noticeable by all to voice my disdain for the situation.
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    What ya got in mind Killer? :evil:

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