safety or corner?

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by htownfoozball, Jan 26, 2007.

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    which is a bigger need?

    if meriweather, griffin, houston, and mccauley are there in the 2nd round, who do you take?

    griffin plays the run and is decent in coverage.
    meriweather is equally good at both, and could possibly play corner.
    houston is a pure cover guy who lacks elite size. dunta jr?
    mccauley is big, fast, and strong, but is raw and lacks ballskills. i dont think anybody here would take him, but he was #1 cb going into the season.

    meriweather's versatility would be really useful. play him at safety and then at corner in run situations and use brown as the safety against the run. similar to jason allen from last year as a cb/s from tennessee.

    joe staley has been impressive at the senior bowl, is OT a bigger priority?
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    Out of the 4 you listed, it comes down to Houston and Merriwether, and I don't think we can go wrong with either if we havent addressed DBs in FA.
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    just to be sure I'm going to at least wait til after the Senior Bowl later today to make a rough decision. of the four I've always been impressed with Meriweather, always around the ball, good cover skills & not afraid to apply his hat to someone. not sure if its just me however, seems I'm the only one who gives him a 1st rd grade.

    the scouts seem to feel Staley has moved up into the 1st rd. another reason to think Levi with that 1st pick. another player that needs to be mentioned for the Texans is Ryan Kalil, Center from USC. not only was he outstanding @ the Senior practices he neutralized Alan Branch in the Rose Bowl :bowser:
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    The question as asked, I would answer that CB is the bigger need. IMO, it is as likely that a CB will allow a big play as it is a S, however, a top level cover CB is much harder to come by than a quality Safety. That is why they get drafted earlier and are paid more. Both are important, but the bigger need seems to be CB, just from how hard it is to get them. I suspect that we will try very hard to address CB spot in FA and if we do, that makes it a lot easier to work the Safety issue. If they are both still up in the air come draft time, we have some seriouse choosing to do.
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    Coack K looks at versatitility, but another factor is BPA at #39. Merriweather may be gone.

    I like Ryan Kalil, but he won't fall that far in the second round. If he does, that is a bigger need than safety or cornerback - shoring up the offensive line woes.
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    There are 2 types of defensive players that generally get the highest ratings in the NFL for their value to teams. They are elite pass rushers and
    top-notch cover corners.
    End of story.

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