Sacks: What is it? and what do we need to change on defense?

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Wolf, Nov 28, 2009.

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    I heard about sacks but they seem to be like the sighting of the Chupacabra :joker:

    we have 13 sacks for the season so far good enough for 31st in the NFL , only Jacksonville (10) with less. (KC has 14)

    I realize the defense is much improved overall, just wondering what we need to do better to increase the sacks. I thought about the sacks because the team as a whole are a play or two per game to possibly move a step up or two in the grand scheme of things. Sacks are not the tell tell sign but they sure can help
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    in my opinion it's a push up the middle. this is why the hampton talks are most exciting for me. we need to do better moving the pocket into the quarterback's lap to grant that split second our DE's need to finish the play. we're not in any of the qb's throwing lanes and allowing for too much space between the pocket and the ends coming around the outside. this is also why we blitz so inneffectively - our extra rushers are being picked up at the line of scrimmage instead of pushing through or past an already engaged and moving backwards lineman. guys like okoye and cody can do well at times with that but their role seems to lean more towards penetration, where as we need atleast one guy on the line who (like hampton) pushes the center and a guard's backsides directly into the quarterback - choking escape routes and limiting movement and passing lanes.
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    +1 for scooter, sums it up. Mario's the only difference maker.

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