Roethlisberger - some kind of achilles injury

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    Per PFT

    Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger suffered an injury during practice on Thursday, and he currently is being tended to by trainers.

    Per our buddy Mike Logan of ESPN 1250 in Pittsburgh (yes, the same Mike Logan who played for the Steelers and West Virginia University), left tackle Max Starks fell and rolled up on Roethlisberger's leg.

    Logan advises that, according to ESPN 1250's Ken Laird, Roethlisberger's leg is "heavily wrapped" and he couldn't put pressure on it when trying to stand.

    Coincidentally, the injury occurred on the day that typically includes an "unexpected" break from practice, a tradition started by former coach Bill Cowher.

    UPDATE: Initial indications are that Roethlisberger has an Achilles' tendon injury, but that it's not torn.

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