Rob Ryan Defensive Similarities To Wade Phillips

Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by gary, Aug 22, 2011.

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    I saw some similarities last night to both schemes after watching the Texans and then the Cowboys game. At least from a pressure on the QB standpoint and blitzing packages. The Chargers were caught back on their heels at the start on a few plays where Ryan pretty much was sending pressure from all sides. I saw a lot of the same type play calling from coach Phillips vs the Saints and the Jets. If you achieve your goal and actually collapse the pocket and bring down the QB or stop the runner in the backfield then that is fine. But I watched Rivers and the O line finally adapt to the Ryan blitzes and that allowed more time to throw for Rivers as well as open receivers down field and this is what often with Wade in his first two preseason games with the Texans is some deep plays down field. Dallas went from a man to man coverage to a zone type of coverage after they saw their blitzes were being picked up and that helped clamp down on some of the wide open receivers further down the field. Hopefully once Jojo and Manning start to play together then they will fill the void better than last year like we all think they will as we should because they are definitely good enough. This is not meant to be negative but I just wanted your opinions if you see similarities too between Phillips and Ryan like myself. It is interesting because Wade has basically come to Houston after coaching Dallas since 2007. Overall I like both styles but I just hope we don't get burned too many times in the process.

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