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Discussion in 'Mock Draft Talk' started by rmartin65, Jan 3, 2009.

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    1st Round:* Duke Robinson, OG, Oklahoma
    Robinson can play both left tackle and left gaurd. He has grat mobility for a man his size. Although a marquee defensive player is tempting, Robinson's ability to play multiple positions gives him the nod.

    2nd Round: Connor Barwin, DE, Cincinnati
    Barwin is a player that will go under the radar. He was one of the main cogs in a UC defense that was a large reason for their remarkable season.* Barwin is a very athletic player, he played TE earlier in his career. He posesses a good combination of size and speed.

    3rd Round: Captain Munnerlyn, CB, South Carolina
    Continuing in the Houston tradition of selecting South Carolina corners, Munnerlyn would bring some more speed to the secondary. He has solid ball skills.

    4th Round: James Davis, RB, Clemson
    Davis hopefully becomes the short yardage back. He would have to put on some more weight though. He is a gritty runner who was highly regarded before the season, and Clemsons collapse. There is simply no ideal power back left at this point.

    5th Round: Sherrod Martin, FS, Troy
    Martin will start to turn some heads when testing starts. He has sub 4.4 speed, and has the ability to play some corner.

    6th Round: Sammie Lee Hill, DT, Stillman
    Hill fills the need for a space eating DT. He is a huge guy with great athletic ability.* A high character person as well.

    7th Round: Jon Cooper, C, Oklahoma
    Cooper will backup Myers, at least to start. I see Cooper as one of the best zone centers in this draft. He was overshadowed on the line by Loadholt and Robinson, but Cooper led the team in knockdowns with 136. A steal in the 7th.

    UDFA: Jason Boltus, QB, Hartwick
    Boltus is an experimental QB. Prototypical size, great athleticism, and a strong arm.

    UDFA: Chris Ogbannaya, RB, Texas
    It pains me to put a UT player in, but he would be a good pickup. Ogbannaya might not test well, but he can play.

    UDFA: Larry Beavers, KR, Wesley
    Beavers will push Jones in the return man spot, as well as for the 5th reciever spot. There are reports of sub 4.3 speed, and when you look at his yards per reception, and his returns, you will believe it. 29.2 yards per punt return, 3 TD. 39.5 yards per KR, 5 TD.

    UDFA: Jovan Belcher, OLB, Maine
    Belcher played DE in college, and was the runner up for the best defensive player at the FCS level. He has plyed some OLB, and would give the Texans another legit pass rusher.

    UDFA: Jacob Calderon, OLB, Cal Lutheran
    Calderon, like Belcher, was a DE in college. He had 12 sacks in 9 games and was named both an AP Little American and a D3 coaches All American.
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    love Duke. would not mind him what so ever should be considered a top 15 prospect. but the Texans are not going OL back to back in 1st based on past seasons results/improvement. the new DC will have an easy sell to identify who he thinks is needed to improve his defense, like Gibbs proved with Duane Brown.

    after going Duke in first you make alot of sense making DE the prioity in 2nd. Barwin would be a good prospect to bring in as speed rusher. one thing thats been confusing to me with this group as a whole is so many project to 3-4 OLB's not sure if he falls into that group or not?

    Captain Munnerlyn is a great name for a cb. Texans make a living taking cb's in 3rd/4th could be possible. I'll tell you about a sleeper pick @ cb looked alot like Texans cb Dunta Robinson to me, plays for Ole Miss & is a converted return specialist new to the position but what great speed & breaks to the ball even saw him make a strong block in the open field, Marshay Green, 5-09 170 I'd take a flyer on him in the 4th. playmaker voted Felix McKnight Trophy as the game’s Most Outstanding Player on Defense at the 73rd AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic.

    maybe flip the James Davis pick, projected 3rd rd. here for either cb you like.

    will pay attention to Sharrod Martin, Troy in the Senior Bowl. appears to provide good run support based on numbers.

    First team All-SIAC. Helped pull a man from a burning house in August 2007. Sammie Lee Hill you got my vote!

    another strong pick in 7th. I really like your mock, just play around a litle bit with 1st day picks. :goodpost:
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    Love the Duke Robinson pick. I don't think Myers and Brisiel are bad but I think they are liabilities the hold the line in the red zone. Also think that drafting Robinson would put Brisiel as a valuable backup on our team. Could go for any LB here as well. I know a lot of people would like to see us take Mays as well. Just don't see that happening unless our new DC puts a real emphasis on our secondary. This staff seems to be looking more for he next Steve Atwater then Ed Reed.

    Not opposed to your second round pick we obviously need some help across from Williams. Sucks that we weren't able to see anything from McGlover after signing him from Carolina. LB or Safety would be good here too.

    I think picking a CB would be a bit of a waste unless his talent is head and shoulders above everyone else. I think we'll resign Dunta but outside him our Cb's don't look terrible at all. Reeves played better as the season progressed. Bennett did regress some this year but how much of that is due to our former DB coach and DC? Molden showed real promise in TC but for some reason we didn't get to see him on the field this year. Would like to see what Rhodes can do or if another good DB coach can coach them up. Assuming Davis does last until the 4th would love to see a LB here or Caldwell from Alabama.

    Onboard with Davis and the rest of the draft you have. Really banging the late round picks
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    Barwin is 6'4" and roughly 260 pounds, and runs about a 4.7. There are alot of tweeners in this draft, but I think that Barwin could be an every down DE.
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    If Duke is the man, that's great......

    But I would love to see one coverage sack in '09.

    Please, please let's draft a starting CB.

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