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    Sadly, Rick Gosselin took a promotion that put too much on his plate for him to do his usual excellent work following the NFL Draft. But I did run across the little tidbits, fwiw:

    Gosselin: I made some call over the weekends and there are 6 blue chippers and 22 first rounder caliber guys in this draft. So I don’t mind don’t mind trading down a couple of spots from 14 to 18, but I don’t drop back all the way back to 25. The problem is there isn’t a difference between the 25th, 35th and 45th pick in this draft. There’s not going to be a whole lot of trading up or down after 20. I think need will come into play. You know, I thought this would be a better pass rush group, but they all have a ding.

    Well, let’s go over some of the DL and you tell me their ding….

    Underachiever. 2nd Team Conference USA

    Coples ?
    Motor doesn’t always run. Julius Peppers ability, but doesn’t always show on the field.

    5.0+ 40 yard dash, and strictly a run player. He might be a dominating run player, but you won’t get pass rush from him. I’m also worried about LSU defensive linemen. Dorsey and Jackson have been underachievers.

    The first DL to go. He’ll be gone by 10 or 11.

    Kuechly, Barron, and DeCastro are walk on starters who could be in the Pro Bowl in 3 years, but they just play non premium positions.

    The trade movement will be for Tannehill because he’s going in the Top 10. A team might try to jump ahead of Miami. I don’t see anyone trading up for Barron or DeCastro, maybe for Kuechly because he’s the safest player in the draft. In most drafts I’ve done I see 8 or 9 blue chippers, but I don’t have that in this draft.

    Do you believe in Tannehill?
    I believe in the need for the position. Look at Locker and Ponder last year. He would be a great guy to draft behind Favre and groom him for a couple of years. He’s not ready to play right away. He’s like Gabbert, who wasn’t ready to play last year. If you draft him and develop him for a couple of years, he could be fine. But if you draft him Top 10 and want him to play him right away, I don’t think you’re going to like what you see.

    Someone gives you an NFL team, what front office would you hire to run it?
    Baltimore, without question. Ozzie Newsome, no matter where they draft, he finds a guy. They draft in the 20’s every year, and they find good players every year at their picks. Torrey Smith in the 2nd round last year. They have scouts who have been in their system since the Cleveland days, and they know their system. Ozzie has a good feel for players, and a lot of ex players don’t.

    Which team screws up the draft every year?
    Bengals, they have no regard for character. Every year they draft 2 or 3 bad lockerroom guys, and now they got a lockerroom full of them. That said, they had a great draft last year and got a good QB with a 2nd round pick.
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    What do you know. They finally went for a high-character guy and he kinda pan out, surprise!

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