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    I've been contimplating getting an electric smoker for a long time and finally bit the bullet last week for the upcoming Giants game. I'm doing baby back ribs and found what I think is a decent rub online and have already applied said rub and have them cooling in the garage frige.

    Here is the rub:


    I'm going to guzzle a couple more brews to help me hit the sack, then I'm getting up at three to put them on the smoker. Planning on doing a five hour smoke at 225. I won't be adding the chips until six AM as I've been told to add the smoke last (mesquite). We'll see how this turns out. If anyone wants to jump in and add any advice I may see in the next hour or so, please jump in. I'll post updates as they unfold.
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    You always add the smoke first, once meat hits a certain temp say 120-130 smoke can no longer permeate the flesh. Hit it with smoke for the first two hours then wrap in foil to not over smoke then cook as long as you can for them to fall apart

    Briskette and pork shoulders get about 4 hours of smoke and about 80 minutes a pound in total

    the best rub can be made it has 7 ingrediants

    equal parts of salt, pepper, paprika, garlic, and brown sugar

    half part chili powder
    quarter part cayenne

    If your rub is good the ribs will still be tasty you just won't have imparted as much smoke flavor.

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