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    1) Bennie Logan, DT, LSU - Logan is only around 300lbs, but he can play the NT position in Wades 3-4. Talented kid with natural gifts. Logan is also versatile enough to play the DE position in certain packages.

    2) Nico Johnson, ILB, Bama - Fits the Texans mold of on and off the field character. Good, smart player that would fit nicely next to Cushing. Could also play special teams.

    3) Denard Robinson, Weapon, Michigan - I view him as a Randel El type of player. I wouldn't ask too much of him too soon, but eventually I would have him lined up at receiver and in the backfield. He would provide versatility and roster flexibility on Gamedays. could be an emergency QB, RB and WR. Maybe a bit high for a player like this, but with the team generally being sound in so many areas I think a player of his caliber might be a good fit. Very explosive player.

    3) Nickell Robey, CB, USC - Built in the Brice McCain mode as far as size and athleticism goes, but far more physical. Very smart and instinctive player. Really good coverage skills and good leaping ability to help make up for his lack of size. This is a player I really like and will be keeping an eye on.

    4) Oday Aboushi, OT, Virginia - Experience playing both sides. Would ideally be positioned as a swing tackle and maybe push Newton some. I don't know if Butler will be here after next year, but I wouldn't bank on it.

    5) Trey Burton, James Casey lite, Florida - Will probably need to add more weight, but this guy can come in and be what James Casey is and provide even more flexibility.

    5) Brad Wing, Punter, LSU - I like Wing a lot. Big leg, athletic. Could be a staple around here for years. Let him compete with Donnie Jones or whomever and he should win the job. Good accurate big leg punter. Only problem is...He may not last this long

    6) DJ Swearinger, USC, S - Don't know a whole lot about him, but we could use some good safety depth or at least someone to push the back end of the safety depth.

    7) Earl Watford, OG, James Madison - Don't know a whole lot about him, but we could use some good OL depth or at least someone to push the back end of the OL depth. Seems like he's built in the mold of an interior lineman for this scheme.
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    My assessment:

    1. Logan, I like Logan more as a DE in our system than a NT. He's got good size and speed for DE but lacks the bulk for NT. If we were replacing Antonio Smith next year I'd get behind this pick but for NT in the 1st round I'd much rather have Kawaan Short.
    2. Johnson, I really like this guy for the Texans and think you have him projected perfectly. I love the player, I just wonder if we have higher priorities at other positions. He would solidify the position for years to come though.
    3. Robinson, NO. He might be a weapon but with this pick we'd now have 2 (Posey) roster spots tied up with 3rd round project players that will take a couple years to develop, if they ever do. Projects should come in the late rounds. We've got to get some production from our 3rd round picks.
    3. Robey, I don't know anything about him but I like the position picked and in the proper round. Sounds like a good pick, we'll need depth here. This all depends on if we re-sign McCain.
    4. Aboushi, I've got him in the 3rd round of my latest mock (not yet published) and I question that. I think he stands a real good chance of going much higher, early 2nd or maybe even late 1st round.
    5. Burton, I'm not familiar with him, all depends on if we re-sign Casey. Casey would re-sign for vet. minimum.
    5. Wing, if he's still available it's a great pick. Lock down the P position for a decade at least.
    6. Swearinger, I don't know the player but I like the added depth/competition in the secondary.
    7. Watford, he needs to add some weight but your right we need added depth that might develop. I think Shelley Smith is on his last leg as a Texan.
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    1) Logan is a heck of a player. I dont know if he fits Wade's system, or if he really fits at NT in the 3-4, but he has a lot of talent.

    2) Johnson is a player that needs to be watched closely this year. He looks great, but sometimes average players look great due to who they are playing next to. And Alabama's D is damn near NFL caliber. He could be one to watch, and I like the position.

    3) I am not a fan of Robinson. I just dont think the QB to WR conversion happens with enough consistency to risk a 3rd round pick on. Sure there are examples of success, but there are a ton of failures. If this was a 5th or 6th round pick, then sign me up. But here, it is just too risky. I would prefer to see a more traditional receiver taken.

    3) Sign me up! I am glad you brought this guy up, he is a heck of a player.

    4) Like I said in another thread, I like Aboushi. My only concern is his lack of dominance in the run game, but that could be fixed.

    5) Trey Burton could be an interesting weapon. Personally, I think that Kubiak is looking for a more traditional TE or FB, but Burton does remind one of Casey, who Kubiak is in love with. The pick would definitely help make the offense more unpredictable.

    5) Nice call.

    6) I will try to watch him this year.

    7) Ditto.

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