Reminder: Practice Tickets Available on 7/13

Discussion in 'Texan Tailgate' started by Lucky, Jul 11, 2009.

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    At Wingstop locations in the Greater Houston area.

    On this page, it says the tickets will be available at select Houston Wing Stops. Might be worth a call before you head out.

    1425 WIRT RD Visit | Map
    6447 WESTHEIMER RD Visit | Map
    9210 HIGHWAY 6 S Visit | Map
    12620 WOODFOREST BLVD Visit | Map
    12100 VETERANS MEMORIAL DR Visit | Map
    7332 ANTOINE DR Visit | Map
    2319 S KIRKWOOD RD Visit | Map
    6164 HIGHWAY 6 N Visit | Map
    2410 BAY AREA BLVD Visit | Map
    HWY 6 S at WESTHEIMER Visit | Map
    11009 FUQUA ST Visit | Map
    712 GULFGATE CENTER MALL Visit | Map
    BROADWAY at BELLFORT Visit | Map
    BEECHNUT ST at BELTWAY 8 Visit | Map
    11926 WILCREST DR Visit | Map 3
    76 FM 1960 RD W Visit | Map
    9804 JONES RD Visit | Map
    ST HWY 249 at CYPRESSWOOD Visit | Map
    ST HWY 249 at ANTOINE DR Visit | Map
    10273 S POST OAK RD Visit | Map
    6858 HARRISBURG BLVD Visit | Map
    5621 BEECHNUT ST Visit | Map
    10749 NORTH FWY Visit | Map
    2802 N SHEPHERD DR Visit | Map
    720 DAIRY ASHFORD DR Visit | Map
    8200 S MAIN ST Visit | Map
    15242 WALLISVILLE RD Visit | Map
    4102 RICHMOND AVE Visit | Map

    It irks me that there will be just one night practice. I would complain about the two practice restriction, but there are only 2 practices I will be able to attend. And none of the practices or scrimmages vs. the Saints will be open. It's been said that Kubiak would like to do away with the open practices, altogether. So much for Texans' tradition.
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    Not from the Houston area. Can anyone snag me a few? We need four total per session. I previously got mine from Buffi a couple seasons ago but looks like there aren't any Wingstops out in the Cleveland/Livingston area. She used to get bundles of them tickets out there!
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