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    It seems to be a word that's being thrown around more frequently on these boards, and here might be one little qutoe to support that opinion.

    From ESPN

    "The Texans demonstrated again on Sunday that they are not yet ready to be competitive against the NFL's powerhouses''

    Now, that's something I think couldn't have been said about the Texans in the first two seasons. A few games come to mind, (MIA, NE, CAR, PIT, numerous IND games) that proved that the Texans could hang with any team in the NFL. Now we have more talent, more experience, less injuries, but we seem to be lacking the heart and desire that we showed in that past. If there's one area I think the Texans may have regressed in, I would say attitude.
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    Ahhh yes, the typical worn out "no passion or fire" argument. The problem with it, is that it presumes that the Texans have as much talent as the good teams, which of course they don't. Just because they pulled off a couple of upsets against teams last year that were obviously looking ahead doesn't mean we're as good as those teams.

    There's a saying. Just because you beat Tiger Woods, doesn't make you Tiger Woods. Or another. Every dog has its day.

    The games against the better teams this season clearly demonstrate that they are overmatched talent-wise. That's not a popular viewpoint to take, because 'fixing' the talent problem will take a lot longer.

    There are no quick fixes.
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    Its not that there isnt talent on the team, its how they are using it. AJ was at the top of the league before this week, and he got what 1 or 2 passes? The defense played better this week after they switched up the players a bit, peek actually playing. The oline is getting better at run blocking, still working on the pass blocking. The DBs didnt give up any long plays this week against Peyton Manning. They may be regressing in terms of not winning a lot more games than last season, but they have improved in areas. A little more improvement by next season and they will be a good team. This could be a team that goes from being bottom of the barrel to an annual playoff contender for a long time. They are young and have potential, and things may change next season if the right things are done.

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