Reggie plus some more picks!!!

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    This is a 1-100,000,000 chance of this happening but who knows

    I dont think it will happen but here it goes,

    Do u think we could trade with the Titans for the #3 and they give us enough picks to make the trade happen. then the titans will take Leinart,VY,or even Cutler with the 1st pick because they got travis henry and chris brown so they dont need a RB.

    #2 The Saints take either Dbrick or Mario wit the second pick because they also dont need a RB, because they just re signed Deuce McAllister, so they take an OLman or a DLman and then we have the 3rd pick and we get Reggie Bush.

    We could also trade wit Jets for the 4th pick and the 29th pick but I dont know if they would pass up RB for VY, or Leinart, or Cutler so I thought I would just stay with the Titans as a sure thing.....But this will never happen so whatever:rolleyes:

    But if it did then the Texans could be well set for a good long while, which would then let us trade our 2nd round and 3rd round picks of next year to get good players this year and then....... Super Bowl!!! LOL maybe in 10 years.

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