Redskins Stats from Week #1

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    Here's the breakdown of the Redskins stats from week #1

    Looks like Dallas was able to run the ball effectively against the 'skins, and the side really didn't matter. It also looks like that Romo was able to get the most yards through the middle 156 of 317 passing yards but was the least accurate (59%) in the middle as opposed to his right (73%)

    On the offensive side:
    McNabb likes to dump the ball to Cooley as often as he likes getting it to Santana Moss, 6 catches each. Dallas defended McNabb's right side of the field well - he was only 1/9 passing to that side. Overall McNabb was fairly inaccurate (15/35).

    Clinton Portis can run, but he got stuffed on the left side of the field (8 carries - 16 yards) but had more success on the right (9 carries for 39 yds).

    Overall, I think the Texans have to do more of the same from last week. We can run the ball to either side of the field, and it looks like the Redskins allowed the Cowboys to go wherever they wanted, and the Cowboys could have run more. If we can put consistent pressure on McNabb in passing downs (and keep him from taking off) he's going to have a long, unproductive day.

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