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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Historyhorn, Sep 18, 2006.

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    Realizing that a ton can change between now and the end of the year in injuries as well as the performances of teams that can click somewhere along the way. Let's re-evaluate our season predictions/expecations for the Texans:

    I contended 5-11 or 6-10 before the year started.

    Here's how I think the rest of the year will play out.

    Redskins: Loss (0-3) This one will be close, but we're worse than they are.

    Dolphins: Loss (0-4) Culpepper is awful, but the Fish D is good. This one could get ugly for Carr and our beat up O-line.

    Bye: Not A Loss (0-4) Thankfully we get a repreive from the losses and get a chance to try to heal up some.

    Dallas: Loss (0-5) Their Defense is the real deal even if I'm not sold on their offesne. Carr will again get mashed. Mario may get a sack or two, because Bledsoe is so stationary.

    Jaguars: Loss (0-6) We always play them close, but this one could be an exception. Their D is salty and their O is good enough to take them to the playoffs again.

    Titans: Win (1-6) One of the few teams with larger issues than us. Even if Vince is starting by this point, their O will still be awful and we'll take advantage of a lack of talent on D.

    Giants: Loss (1-7) An upper echelon team versus a bottom echelon team usually ends with an L for the underdogs. Throw in that this one will be in the Meadowlands and it just adds to the odds.

    Jaguars: Loss (1-8) See the earlier comments and add to that the fact that this one will be on the road.

    Bills: Loss (1-9) I was counting on this one being a win prior to the season starting, but the Bills gave the Pats all they wanted on opening day on the road and just beat the Phins on the road. I don't think the Bills make the playoffs, but they're not the Sisters of the Poor this year.

    Jets: Win (2-9) The Jets even look better than last year, but I think some key injuries and the grind down the stretch will wear them down some. I don't know why, but I think the Texans take this one pretty easily.

    Raiders: Win (3-9) One of the few teams worse than us at this point. They have talent, but Art Shell and company have yet to exhibit any sort of leadership or direction. This is just an awful team right now.

    Titans: Win (4-9) We're better than the flaming tacks....Yay!

    Patriots: Loss (4-10) Pats, Brady, & their D on the road....enough said.

    Colts: Loss (4-11) Just because the venue is not the RCA Dome, doesn't mean the results won't be the same.

    Browns: Loss (4-12) Take your pick of teams in this "nothing to play for bowl". Crennel is a good coach and they are building. He has a year head start on Kubiak and they win in a battle for draft position.

    The final tally: 4-12 with a possible swing either way of one game. Either a win over the Browns to make it 5-11 or a loss to the Jets to make it 3-13.

    Go Texans
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    Over here.
    I had us at 8-8. Now I'm looking at 5-11 and going down. :brickwall

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