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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by welsh texan, Dec 7, 2008.

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    OK, so we're getting towards the end of the season and seem to have rescued a little respectability despite a very shaky start, there was a lot of excitement around the rookie class this year before we played ball, so here's the question;

    How do you rate each of our draft choices performance so far? How do you rate their potential impact to the team going forward? And what do you hope to seem from them as the season comes to a close?

    I'll be very interested to hear as someone who doesn't get to watch many of the games.
  2. TexanSam

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    1. Duane Brown: He's improved over the course of the season. He was getting beat horribly earlier in the season but he's progressed. He's not where he needs to be, but he's getting there. He should solidify the LT position IMO.

    3. Antwaun Molden: He's been pretty good on special teams. Haven't really seen him on the field much. Can't really say a whole lot about him.

    3. Steve Slaton: We drafted him to be a 3rd down, change of pace type back. I don't know if many people were expecting him to be a full time back and do what he's done. He's been awesome. He's having a Pro Bowl season...as a rookie!

    4. Xavier Adibi: He's played well the last few games. He's better than Morlon Greenwood. A lot of people were excited about him once we drafted him. Can't say that he's lived up to that excitement as a rookie since he was hurt for the first part of the season. He should be a solid contributer to this team though.

    Frank Okam and Dominique Barber haven't shown much at all. To expect them to contribute much this season was probably asking too much. We'll see how they do in their 2nd season as pros however.

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    Duane Brown. c+ He has had a tough go his rookie year. He has faced some elite pass rushers and has been made a fool of several times. The team also depends on Salaam to spell Brown. Has not taken control of the starting LT spot and made it his own at this point in the season.

    Slaton. A+++ First one thousand yard rusher since 2004. Not only that but doing it this early in the season and not being the starting back in the beginning. He has got speed, moves, vision, picks up the blitz well, and good pass catching abilities to be a special player. He has what it takes to be a top 5 back in this league.

    Professor X. B. Still a little early to tell. Seems to fly around the ball and makes plays. He has a very promising future with the Texans.

    Okam. I. He gets an incomplete. Not enough data other than the fact he has been inactive most of the season and when he does play does nothing note worthy.

    Molden. C. Good special teams player but has not been able to get himself included in the CB rotation.

    Barber. C. Good special teams player but a mediocre Safety.
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    The North
    Honestly, Im really not disappointed with anyone still on our roster.

    Barber and Molden are turning in good special teams plays
    Brown and Slaton are starting and having an impact
    Adibi is filling in for an injured Greenwood, and is playing well
    Okam is serviceable in rotation

    All in all, a great draft class
  5. steelbtexan

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    1.Brown. B Has had a rough baptisim but has shown improvement & can add strength in the offseason to go with his impressive atheletism.
    3. Molden. C+ Major contributor to special teams, I expected him to be starting @ CB by now.
    3. Slaton A+ Best RB in team hisory, Gibbs sure knows how to pick a RB, Future star (Clinton Portis clone)
    4. Adibi. B When he started starting we started winning, speedy playmaking LB that Greenwood isn't.
    5. Okam. INC He has improved to the point that he is getting some PT now.
    6. Barber. C Grear ST guy, I hope he can take over starting SS job next year. If he doesn't we still got a ST contributor in the 6th rd.
    7. Brink INC On the PS where he belongs

    Overall A
    We got our LT of the future, the best RB in franchise hisory, a LB that starts, 2 special team studs & a big project DT

    With another draft like this CAN YOU SAY PLAYOFFS. We just need to stop turning the ball over. (can you read this Jacoby)
  6. beerlover

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    gotta give John some love :heart: he gave the Texans 08 draft class a B- when other people doubted both trading down for Brown & taking Slaton in the 3rd.
    Duane Brown is probably not going to make the all rookie team but if the Texans continue to win & Matt Schaub can stay upright you would have to at least consider him. Steve Slaton is making his case for top rookie RB honors. his impact & addition to this team in value & production is rivaled only by DeMeco Ryans who was taken 1st in the 2rd rd, of the 06 draft.

    Molden has been held back in the secondary (still learing tricks of the trade but also have to consider Dunta Robinsons terrific comeback player of the year has cut his opportunites as well Reeves has been playing great as of late) however Antwaun has been dynamic as gunner on special teams. Because of injury to both Greenwood & Diles we're getting a chance to see Xavier Adibi out perform expectations, starting WLB. Okam gets important minutes in tackle rotation. Even Dominique Barber besides special teams has gotten some looks at safety. If you count Matt Schaub (last 2nd rd, pick to Atlanta) plus starting Center Chris Meyers who has started every snap (trade from Denver for a 6th rd. pick). Rick Smith deserves closer to a B+ at least a solid B.
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    My ratings are based on expectations for their draft position.

    Brown: Performance - C, Potential - B. He has done fine. He hasn't shown all-pro potential or anything, but seems like he is doing OK now, and should be a solid starter for the future. He's doing about as well as I'd expect someone drafted in his position, but has done a good bit better than I personally expected of him (I thought we reached too much).

    Molden: Performance - D+, Potential - C. I want to see a third round pick getting some playing time beyond just special teams, and I can't remember seeing anything from him yet, beyond some (good) ST play. The fact that he hasn't made it on the field yet, despite our inconsistent CB play gives me doubts about his longer-term potential (but maybe I'm just pessimistic). I really hope we see more of him now that the season is winding down.

    Slaton: Performance - A+, Potential - A. This one is obvious - this would be a good performance for a first rounder, much less someone we got in the third! My concern is that over time, he'll wear down a bit from overuse.

    Adibi: Performance - B, Potential - A-. He hasn't played much yet, but has done well in the times he's been in - the defense seemed to improve with his playing. I think he'll end up as a starter, and has the potential to be very good, especially for his draft position.

    Okam: Performance - C+, Potential - B. Has had some playing time, and seemed to perform decently if not spectacularly - slighlty above what I'd hope for from his draft position. I think he could turn into a solid member of the DL rotation in the future, maybe even a regualar starter.

    Barber: Performance - C, Potential - C. Has contributed on STs (and in regular plays, but not very well). I don't think he'll become a starter, but he should contribute as a backup, which is what I'd hope for from a 6th rounder.

    Brink: Performance - D, Potential - D. Didn't make the 53 man roster (but did make the PS, avoiding an F). I haven't seen anything to make me think he has much potential, but I guess we'll see more in the future.

    Overall, I think this class came out well. I've been disappointed with Molden (maybe this is the coaches' fault for not playing him enough), but surprised by Brown (I had low expectations) and especially Slaton. Most others have performed about where I had expected. Molden is the biggest ? to me as far as potential, and Adibi has shown the most flashes of potential to become a lot more than he has had the chance to show yet.
  8. Spled

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    Bulman's almost been like a rookie for us. Since him and Adibi started playing it seemed our defense got better.
  9. Jackie Chiles

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    Adibi is arguably playing like the third best linebacker from this draft and 1 of the three ahead of him is out for the year in Keith Rivers. (Jerod Mayo of the Patriots and Curtis Loftin of the Falcons are the other two) It might not be saying much but other than DeMeco and Jamie Sharper I don't think we have had a linebacker better than him in our history although Diles was coming on pretty strong before his injury. This guy is going to be a player for us for a long time hopefully, big time steal IMO.

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