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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TheRealJoker, Sep 29, 2008.

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    For the most part HCs are specialists in one area, offense or defense. The successful ones dont try to meddle in the offense/defense/special teams too much if they dont specialize in it. They bring in top notch coaches to run that facet of the football team.

    I give you two examples of Super Bowl winning Head Coaches as evidence:

    Exhibit A: Jon Gruden.

    When Gruden came to the Bucs he was touted as an offensive wunderkind. The youngest coach in the NFL with a bright future who had helped make the Raiders into contenders. When he became HC he made it clear he was not gonna tamper with the Bucs elite defensive unit. Opting instead to allow Monte Kiffin, arguably the greatest defensive mind in the game today to run the defense with no poking or prodding from Gruden. RESULT = Super Bowl Victory over Gruden's former team.

    Exhibit B: Tony Dungy.

    When Dungy came to the Colts he was touted as a defensive mastermind for the units he and Kiffin had fielded with the Bucs. He made it clear as soon as he came in that the offense is Manning and co's responsibility and he would not tamper with it. Result = Super Bowl Victory and perennially placed at the top of the AFC South.

    From what I can gather Kubiak is trying to be that type of coach. He knows offense is his strong point so he's not gonna tamper with the defensive side. The problem is he doesn't have an elite or even a serviceable coach overseeing the defense. Its like when you're looking at candidates job resumes. You see a guy like Monte Kiffin who got his JD/MBA from Harvard. Then you see someone like Richard Smith who barely got his GED after dropping out of high school.

    Who should Kubes hire in that situation? All I know is that Richard Smith is not the man to run this defense. If Kubes doesn't give him the axe soon he's gonna go down with the ship just like Capers did when he relied too heavily on his subpar assistants.

    The pink soap avatars shall stay until Richard Smith walks the plank :pirate:
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    I said it in another thread and I'll say it again here:

    Could Frank Bush do that much worse? Could Ray Rhodes not game plan and call plays for the rest of the season?
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    couldn't agree more.
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    That's what I have been saying all along about Kubiak. He can get our offense rolling - I'm not too worried about that. It's the defense that is a perennial letdown. I like that Kubiak is willing to hire defensive guys to take care of it, but thus far, he's hired the wrong guys, it would appear.

    That said, Kubiak holds his share of the blame from in-game managing mistakes.
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    My cat doesnt have any claws ..... But I truely believe she would be a better candidate to oversee the Texans defense than Dick Smith. :mcnugget:

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