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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by keyser, Sep 12, 2010.

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    I know some of these have been mentioned elsewhere, but I just wanted to throw out some of the positives I found in today's game:
    • Rackers' hitting the 49 yard field goal. When I saw them lining up for that, I was actually thinking "Oh, this is where they wish they had Kris Brown." I think that was longer than any FG Rackers attempted last year. I feel much better about our overall kicking game after seeing him make that.
    • The kickoff coverage. We had some good kickoffs (good for Rackers, again), and solid coverage.
    • Kubiak: the game plan worked great. He didn't make any mistakes that I saw, and he both found and stuck with an approach that worked well.
    • Run defense: there were several reasons the Colts went to a nearly pass-only offense; the solid Texans' run defense was a factor
    • Pass rush: Mario was on fire, Okoye was what I hoped he would be when drafted, and Smith was solid. I think the strong pass rush was a big factor in keeping the Colts to such a short-range passing game. Surprisingly, it looked to me like the blitzes were not all that successful, but the regular rush pass rush was excellent.
    • Great performances by Kevin Walter, and by Jacoby Jones (though he had a couple drops).
    • Offensive line was doing almost everything we could want. Did I see Studdard in street clothes on the sideline? I wasn't paying close enough attention to the individual players on the OL, but I think we have a good unit.
    • Obviously Foster was incredible, but I was also impressed with Slaton. Makes me feel better to have two backs who can perform well.

    There were a couple of small negatives, but there was so much positive out of this game... It feels great to see such a solid performance against a top team.
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    Los Angeles

    Houston, we have a football team that can and will win!
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    In the last preseason game at half time Rackers hit one with distance for an extra five from 63 yards. It seems he has re-found his leg.
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    or could be the strength coach for the Texans and the use of free weights. Everybody looks stronger this year...
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    I was pleased to see the regular pass rush get some interior penetration. Peyton rarely had a good pocket to step into and IMO that caused a lot of their short passes to fall incomplete. Almost like they weren't used to Peyton throwing such short passes.
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    Man I got goose bumps watching the offense run in the 2nd half. Everyone knows to beat the Colts you have to keep Manning on the bench. Few people have ever done it though.
    The Colts would line up 10 men in the box and we would still get 6 yards or more.

    I think Kubes deserves a lot of credit for being able to execute the game plan that he set out from the start.

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