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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by awtysst, Apr 24, 2008.

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    I have a random draft question.

    So, we know that Jake Long has signed with Miami.

    So, when Miami goes to the podium could they say we select Chis Long? Now they would have drafted Chris Long 1 and their signed player Jake Long is still out there. Since they signed J Long, they would not have to worry about anyone else drafitng him, since he is under contract. Would they then be able to sign Chris Long and have basically 2 first rounders?

    $ wise they could really lowball C Long by saying here is your contract take it or leave it and they could risk having him sit an entire season.

    Could this scenario actually occur or if Miami did this, would their contract with J.Long get voided?
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    Their contract with Jake would be void if they didn't draft him, because they wouldn't have rights to negotiate with him.
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    Do you mean would they be able to sign both Jake and Chris Long? If so then, no they are not allowed to do that.

    However, I do believe they are still able to select a different player than Jake. I don't know how their contract is worded, but it's definitely dependant on that. For example, I'm assuming that Miami and Jake Long agreed to a deal but that it's still contingent on them selecting him #1, I believe there is still an option of them taking another player thus VOIDING their contract with Jake. I could be wrong so don't take this as fact.

    I believe when we signed Mario Williams in '06 before the draft, there was still an option we could have selected Reggie Bush on draft day but we wouldn't be able to have both players- the contract would be void and we'd have to work with Bush's agent on a new deal and Williams would be available for #2 and beyond.

    Again, I THINK this is how it works/worked. But it's highly dependant on how they structured the contract.

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