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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by LPDontStay, Oct 2, 2004.

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    Hey Texan Fans..

    I'm not a troll, just happen to be a Rams fan that's been keeping an eye on the Texans lately.. do you all think they're going to drop the "expansion team" title this season? I think they're a great football team, and I watched Andre Johnson in Miami, as I'm from south Florida and you got a GREAT pick last year, and I assume you see that now too..

    Domanick Davis! I think he's a great back.. what happened to him against KC?

    Carr.. next Johnny Damon ? Geez, it won't take you that long to win 2 games straight. I was SURPRISED you lost to the Lions, I was rooting you all on in that one.. sorry for the loss.

    Think Carr can break 3000 this year? He does have a go-to guy, and at least a decent running game to pull attention from the pass every now and then.

    I want to see a Rams/Texans SB.. problem is I think this year the Texans have a better chance than the Rams.. our D is horrible..HORRIBLE.. Mad Mike Martz has taken the Greatest Show on Turf as we know it and made it the Greatest Laughingstock on Turf... three consecutive times in overtime we've lost? Sad.

    Good luck guys, hope you all succeed
    (Oh god, they're knocking the Rams on ESPN as I speak..grreeaaatt..)

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    Thanks, and good luck to the Rams this year. From what I've seen they seem to be missing Grant Wistrom & Lovie Smith, and their O-Line has had their troubles too. DD sprained his ankle early in the game against KC, and attempted to play on it further. Guess that didn't work out so well. Add to it that the Chiefs were gunning to stop the run after what Foster did to them the week before, and DD's recent fumbling problems and you get last Sunday's performance. AJ is terriffic, and everyone was excited to get him from the first time his name was announced in the 2003 Draft. Hopefully the Rams can turn it around and put together a good season. Good luck and thanks for stopping by.
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    Hi Ram Fan .. thanks for the good wishes. Texans are having line problems, but hoping that time/playing experience at new positions helps them improve as the season wears on. Your D may be bad, but the latest news of DT Jimmy Kennedy coming back sooner, rather than later should be welcome news.
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    Thanks for the kind words. Good luck to you as well!

    I got high hopes for Carr this year.

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