Raiders will cut Wimbley if he doesn’t take pay cut

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    We passed along a report two weeks ago that Kamerion Wimbley would not be interested in taking a pay cut to stay with the Raiders.

    We now pass along a report from NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora that the Raiders will cut Wimbley unless he takes a pay cut.

    Using the transitive property, Wimbley is going to hit the open market. Or someone is lying.

    It’s not a shocking decision because the Raiders have so much salary cap space to clear. Then again, they have to pay Wimbley $6.5 million guaranteed whether he is on the roster or not. Wimbley is due $11 million total, so the Raiders are essentially choosing not to keep Wimbley for an additional $4.5 million.

    Can Wimbley get that money elsewhere? With so few pass rushers on the market, we bet he can. His agent appears to agree.

    It’s worth remembering once again: Raiders G.M. Reggie McKenzie took over an almost impossible situation. The franchise has to suffer some short-term pain in order to get healthy down the road.

    Born: Oct 13, 1983 - Wichita, KS
    College: Florida State
    Draft: 2006 - 1st round (13th pick) by the Cleveland Browns
    Height: 6-4
    Weight: 255
    Sacks: 42.5
    Career tackles: 281 solo 88 ast
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    :thinking: If we can't sign Mario to a fairly cap friendly contract, definitely worth a look at. Wimbley, Barwin and Reed.
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    he's not a NFL starter (kinda like A Peek wasn't a real NFL starter). If you paid him reserve money I'm all for it. He is a classic looks like Tarzan - plays like Jane.
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    The Raiders are also likely to cut Aaron Curry if he won't restructure, possibly others like Wimbley and Huff. Carson Palmer also needs to restructure, as he's likely not worth 12.5 million this year. They are in a bad spot, but that's good for the Texans as it means they likely won't have the money to bid on Chris Myers and Mike Brisiel.

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