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Discussion in 'Mock Draft Talk' started by badboy, Mar 12, 2009.

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    Shonn Greene RB stock has been dropping recently, why? I saw a post that he will be 26 game 1 and that is incorrect. BD August 21, 1985. Ok, he is called one day wonder but he was that at end of season when he was considered a 2nd round pick. 40 should improve as many complaints of speed at combine or all players.

    Rashad Jennings RB 6'1" 231 4.58 and that is a load at that speed. I like him a lot but many have him available in 3rd. I see him in 2nd and maybe a very late 1st. Appears to be a very solid pick for a team needing a good runner who can catch. From a small college but transfered from Pitt to be near dad (diabetes).

    Daniel Holtzclaw this linebacker seems to be the real deal who can cover and attack the line. I like him at the Sage pick in 4th.

    Louis Vasquez Texas Tech O guard that started 22 games.Seems too big for ZBS at 6'5" 330 lbs but Tech does manage to throw a few times a game.
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    Greene's stock is dropping because he apparently has a problem keeping weight off and teams didn't think he interviewed well. There are questions about his work ethic, not his ability.

    Jennings looks like the real deal, but quality of competition is a real concern. Is he that good or did he just look that good?

    I like Holtzclaw. He is limited athletically but he is a smart player. Doesn't make mental mistakes. I believe he started all four years in college.

    Vasquez does not fit the ZBS. I have reservations about his ability to move laterally and get to the second level. If all you want him to do is block the guy that lines up in front of him, then he can do that.

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