Props to the Texans for the win, but...

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansFight, Sep 26, 2004.

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    First off props to the Texans for the win. KC is a tough place to win and they were anxious to get a win to save the season. Marcus Coleman's INT-TD was HUGE. It was the difference between them going up 21-6 and asserting control to a tie ballgame at 14-14. I give the coaching staff credit for FINALLY starting to use the wonderful talent we have in AJ by throwing the ball to him deep. He is a playmaker and needs to be involved in the offense. He is a homerun threat whom we need to try to get the ball to. Props to Kris Brown for being clutch. The D despite the lack of a pass rush (except for the end of the game) played pretty well IMO considering the offense we were going up against.

    However, to really turn around this team we need to do the following:

    1. Carr needs to wake the **** up during the 1st half of games. He was 0-5 with INT at one point and looked awful. This is the 2nd week in a row he has done this. Actually, the opening drive I was happy with his decisions and with the playcalling with the bootlegs and him using his legs to get 1st downs. However that INT was atrocious. He did not have a fierce pass rush before he threw it and he AGAIN threw it off his back foot. It cost us 3 sure points and possibly a TD. We need the coaching staff to get him to break this bad habit. Props to him at the end for making big plays and shaking off a bad 1st half.

    2. The O-line sucked the entire game and needs to improve. We need to spend our free agent dollars and best draft picks on shoring up both O and D lines. KC's crappy defense stuffed our running attack for most of the game and they were in our backfield all game when Carr was passing. That contributes to Carr having happy feet and throwing off his back foot which leads to INTs. The O-line coach, Marciano, needs to be replaced. We have got better players than our 1st 2 years however, the line play has not improved enough to be where it should be. Wand is getting killed out there and this experiment needs to end.

    3. Wong sucks put Peek in. Peek is one of our few pure pass rashers. His run and pass coverage sucks but we need someone to get to the QB. Currently we have no one to do it. The Wong to OLB experiment is in its 3rd year and it has failed. He does not get to the QB and needs to move back to the middle or get cut next year for a cheaper player.

    4. Conservative play calling is killling this team. When we were in scoring position before we got the first FG we ran 2 straight running plays when we were getting nothing on the ground leaving us 3rd and long and an incompletion. I really was about to pull my hair out as it seemed we were just wanting to keep the game close at that point. Damn it start opening up the playbook. Both our Offense and Defense need to put the opposition on the back of their heels. We don't do that since we are not aggressive. We are TEXANS damn it come on.

    5. Penalties. It was better this week, yet we need to cut down on this. This team is still undisciplined at times.

    WE NEED TO BEAT OAKLAND. We need to get this consecutive win thing monkey off our back. We will be right in the thick of things with a 2-2 record.
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    We need the refs to keep their hankies in their pockets too .. even though we were on the winning end of more of them today!
    It gets tiresome watching FLAG FOOTBALL.
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    1. I agree David has been less than stellar the last two weeks. Detroit he was throwing low and inside today it was high and away for the first quarter. Never seemed comfortable with what he was doing, probably due to having to run for his life. Must be having season 1 flashbacks.

    2. The o-line has not had a decient game this seasom, much less a good game. However, I don't think we need to remodle. The talent is there, we need them to get on the same page.

    3. IMO, Wong hasn't sucked. In fact, he seems to be doing pretty well, but we should probably figure out how to get Peek involved on passing downs, maybe by pulling Wong at that point. Peek is lousy in coverage and run support, but he certainly has the speed to get to the QB. Foreman was real solid today. Best I have seen him play.

    4. I am not sure conservative calls are in truth an issue. With that being said, we sure don't seem to have the "Attack Mode" as our operative design. We seem to be passive in calls and in our exicution.

    5. Showed today that if we controll the turnovers, we can win.
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    play peek MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! hes got the energy we need on the pass rush.
  5. powda

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    didnt peek play the opposite side of wong today?

    and carr did suck in the first half .......his timeing was way off ( do ya think maybe it had something to do with him missing a day of practice due to the flu?-------isnt that a no-brainer? )

    we had to many penalties today...fortunately the chiefs had more.

    the play calling is unimaginative at times nodoubt but a lack of execution makes any offense look bad.

    the o line has a new coach, a new scheme, a new left tackle, a new left guard, a new right tackle, and for today a second string right guard. mckinney needs to get his **** together but they will be ok.....eventually. the talent is there.
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    im not so sure about the oline having a lot of talent. these guys are getting beat in 1 on 1 situations. they are not forgeting to block people and letting guys run free. they are getting run over and around and are not blocking the guy in front of them.

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