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    So, what are the chances we have some Texans at the Probowl? I will break it up by person.

    Demeco Ryans.
    The reigning DROY and leading tackler on the team. I believe he is 4th in the NFL in Total tackles and 3rd in solo. He has a 2 sacks, 1 ff, 1 int, and about 5 PD. SOlid numbers, but solid numbers did not get him there last year.

    Primary competition:
    1. Ray Ray. Sadly the pro bowl tends to feature great players that are not in their prime. Ray is havng a great year, so I will not shout foul when he gets the first LB spot.

    2. DJ Williams: Of course the Denver Mike would somehow come into the conversation. His numbers are very similar to Meco(a few less tackles, 1 fewer sack, one more ff, same amount of INT, a couple less pd). He also plays in Denver, which gets media attention and is a 4th year player, so he might get some preferential treatment from the players.

    3. Angelo Crowell: He is the Buffalo Mike and has numbers also slightly behind Meco. He is a 5th year player. Strike against him is that Buffalo has not played too well, and when people talk about Buffalo its usually about the offense and Lynch, not usually the D.

    Lock: Ray Ray.
    Possible: Meco, Williams, Crowell.
    Hard to say which of the three get it. If it is based on numbers, its Meco. If its based on reputation of team, its DJ. If it is based on seniority, its Crowell.
    Meco's chance: 33.33%, Crowell: 33.33%, Williams:33.33%, someone else .01%

    Mario Williams

    As everyone knows, Mario has been an absolute beast as of late. He has really come along and has been talked about positively around the league and even in the (gasp) media. His numbers have been top notch and record setting for the franchise. We know his stats: 9.5 sacks, 1 td, 2 ff, 64 tackles. But lets also remember he has been disruptive and has been pressuring opponent QBs. Lets also remember that he stats dont always make the case.

    Primary competition:
    1. Jared Allen: The number one sack man in the AFC. He has been very solid the past few years(9, 11, 8, 12) the past 3 years plus this year. Pro Bowl loves to reward accomplishments over time. One problem is he plays in KC, not exactly known as a Defensive machine. That could hurt.

    2. Elvis Dumervile: We will get to see him on Thursday and will get to see what the hype is about. Coming off a very strong 3 sack game this week, and a solid 9 sack rookie campaign. While only in his second year he has managed 20 sacks in less than 2 seasons. Quite impressive. He also has an INT and 3 FF. Plus he plays in Denver, a place known for Defenses and a team that is on everyone's radar.

    3. Jason Taylor: The elder statesmen has had a solid season with 8 sacks, 1 td, 1 int, 3 ff, 3 pd. He is the reigning defensive player of the year and a 13 year veteran. On name recognition alone, he will garner a lot of votes.

    locks: Jason Taylor.
    possible: Mario, Allen, Elvis
    Hard to say who joins Taylor. The only one with real national attention is Allen, but Elvis has been more consistent. Mario might get voted in(if they take more than 2 DE or if someone opts out).
    Mario's chance: 25%, Allen: 40%, Elvis: 34%, someone else: 1%

    Kris Brown
    He has had a great season and has really come along. Many people in Htown wanted to get rid of him in the offseason but he has made many of them come around. He was 4th in points in the AFC(kickers) entering today.

    Primary competition
    1. Stephen Gostowski
    He has the most points, but he does kick a lot of XPA. I am not saying that i could kick 61/61 XPA, but, lets be serious, they are not that far. Plus is he is in NE. Minus is also that he is in NE(not many attempts.

    2. Rob Bironas
    I dont think I have to remind anyone of what he did in Houston this season. He has been clutch, accurate, and has a big leg. When you need a big kick to win a game, he is the guy many people would want to see. He is around 90% in his accuracy and many of his kicks are pretty far. He also leads the league in fga andd fgm.

    3. Phil Dawson
    The feel good story of the Browns is not complete with PD. He has been solid and has made quite a few long fgs. He is 3rd in points and 30% of his fgs are from 40+. Good stuff

    Lock: Bironas.
    He set the single...sorry, I promised I wouldnt mention it. Anyway, he has been the best kicker all year. Unless the probowl takes a second kicker, I am essentially sure it is all RB.
    Browns chance: 5%, Dawson:10%, Gostowski: 5%, Bironas:80%

    What are yalls thoughts?
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    I think Ryans and Williams go, but Brown stays home.
    There are the three kickers you mentioned that would probably be selected over him, and then you also have Shayne Graham, who is ahead of him too imo. Brown is having a great year and has really turned things around; I'm just not sure he is Pro Bowl worthy yet and is facing some pretty stiff competition.
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    I think you have it covered pretty well. Other than to say get over to the and vote for the Texans.
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    DeMeco should have a real shot this year, especially with some perennial choices like Zack Thomas being out with injury. But given his DROY award last year, he's been accruing respect both years in the league.
    But even guys out for the year sometimes doesn't dampen their support or voting activity among fans. For example, I see that Freeney is the leading
    vote-getter at DE in the AFC even though he was put on IR a few weeks ago. I don't think Mario has much of a chance, even though he may be deserving.
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    Teddy Bruschi is leading votes at the MLB position.
  6. Dwight Freeny is the leading vote getter for AFC DEs....that stings but hopefully people will wake up before the polls close
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    Name recognition is all that matters to the fans.

    Ryans & Mario will not get voted in by the fans. It wont happen.
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    I would love to see Ryans & Mario in there!:texflag:

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