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    An interesting (and likely fairly accurate) mock by reporters who follow each team. Of course, McLame picks for the Texans:

    1. Carolina Panthers Cam Newton | QB | Auburn [Jr.]
    2. Denver Broncos Marcell Dareus | DT | Alabama [Jr.]
    3. Buffalo Bills Von Miller | OLB | Texas A&M
    4. Cincinnati Bengals A.J. Green | WR | Georgia [Jr.]
    5. Arizona Cardinals Patrick Peterson | CB | LSU [Jr.]
    6. Cleveland Browns Julio Jones | WR | Alabama [Jr.]
    7. San Francisco 49ers Blaine Gabbert | QB | Missouri [Jr.]
    8. Tennessee Titans QB Jake Locker | QB | Washington
    9. Dallas Cowboys Nick Fairley | DL | Auburn [Jr.]
    10. Washington Redskins Robert Quinn | DE | North Carolina [Jr.]
    11. Houston Texans John McClain, Houston Chronicle
    Aldon Smith | OLB | Missouri [Soph.-3]
    He's talented but raw and Wade Phillips needs an outside ’backer for his new 3-4 scheme.

    McClain has the Texans bypassing Amukamara (who goes 12th to Minny) for the pass rusher. I think the pick comes down to Quinn, Amukamara, or Smith, who go 10,11,12 in this mock. The Titans need a QB, so taking Locker would not surprise me. Matt Mosely of Fox Sports Southwest says the Cowboys want no part of Nick Fairley. The biggest shocker of this mock has Da'Quan Bowers dropping to the Pats at #28.

    Anyone with info on Rick Gosselin's mock?
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    Unfortunately, it appears the DMN website is no longer free. I did however find this:

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