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    Our Houston Texans return home for the third game of the season this Sunday, as we will battle with the Washington Redskins. Like us, they remain winless this season. I think this game will be a very physical game and a good dogfight.

    Here is a preview I have put together on the Washington Redskins:

    Offensively, the Redskins can be a very dangerous football team. They have some powerful weapons. It starts with RB Clinton Portis.

    Clinton Portis has missed the first two games for the Redskins this season with a shoulder injury. He is expected to reutnr when they play us this Sunday, and is listed as probable. Clinton Portis is one of the NFL's top running backs, having rushed for alteast 1,300 yards in each of his four seasons. He is obviously a tremendous running back and will be very motivated upon making his return this Sunday.

    Redskins QB Mark Brunnell has struggles thus far this season, most likely because the running game has with no Portis. Again, Portis is set to return this week however. Mark Brunell has 0 passing TD's in the first two games this season. Brunell had a very good amount of success last season, posting 23 TD passes and only 10 interceptions. He is an experienced veteran, 36 years of age, and is obviously capable of making big plays and can really help the team. Just look at last year's stats, and with Clinton Portis set to return this week, look for it to take some pressure off of Brunell.

    They have explosive talent with their Recievers. Santana Moss, Antwaan Randle El and Brandon Llyod. All of which are big names in this leauge. These first two games this year however, the Redskins have not done a good job getting the ball in the hands of these playmakers. This is due to change however, as Santana Moss finished 2nd in the NFL last yeason in recieving yards and played in the Pro Bowl. Antwaan Randel El comes from the defending champs, the Pittsburgh Steelers, so that in itself means he is doing something right. He can make a man miss anytime you get him the ball. Brandon Lloyd is struggling with consistency, however he can certainly always make that big play, and is very prone to getting downfield. Obviously the Redskins have some pretty good recievers on that sqaud.

    Defensively, the Washington Redskins have some very good blitz packages. They like to change them up some each play as well. Look for them to really blitz against us this Sunday. Amdre Carter is a big name on that line. He comes to Washington form the 9ers, and from 2001 to 2003, averaged a good 9-sacks. Cornelius Griffin is another key player on Washington's D-Line.

    They have some good linebackers, to say the least. Marcus Washington is in his 7th year out of Auburn, he can track down the opposing running back quickly, and also does a great job they say of covering the TE down the field. Their MLB Lemar Marshall is currently in his 3rd season, had 4 pics last year and always count on him make the tackle when getting in on a play. The Redskins LB's may not be the most popular amogst in the league, but they can get the job done.

    Washington's defensive backfield looked to be pretty pretty solid coming into this year. However, an injury to the star in the backfield, Shawn Springs has hurt Washington. He will likely be out when facing our Houston Texans this Sunday, which would insert Kenny Wright or Mike Rumph in the starting lineup for Washington. Both Wright and Rumph have really good size, but lack some at speed, giving our wideouts Andre Johnson and Eric Moulds the advantage. For Washington, on the other side is Carlos Rogers. He is a young player and has already some nice plays with 2 pics this year for them. SS Adam Archeuleta was aquired from St. Louis, he obviously is a great player. Archeuleta can be both effective with the blitz and dropping to coverage. Free Safefty wise, the Redskins have the promosing Sean Taylor. Outstanding size and speed are feautred with Sean Taylor, along with big-time determination, making him such a great player. During his first two season with Redskins, Sean Taylor has made nearly 150 tackles, two sacks, 4 forced fumbles and 6 interceptions. That right their says how effective Sean Taylor is.

    Washington's Special Teams: Kicker John Hall is already 4 out of 5 in Field Goal attempts this season, he is an experienced kicker and pretty reliable. Punter Derrick Forst who previously played for the Cleveland Browns in now the Washington Redskins punter, he needs to show improvment this season. He is averaging 48.3 yards per punt, but looks to improve in these next 14 games this season.

    Overall, the Washington Redskins have got off to a rather slow start much like our Texans this season, both teams are 0-2. Both teams are also extremely hungry for their first win on this season this Sunday, and I look foward to again, a physical battle, a dogfight.

    I think our Houston Texans are getting ready and can pull out the W this Sunday. I hope we can recieve our first win of the season, and really think we can Sunday, it would be a huge win.

    My 'Keys to Beating Washington' will be posted tomorrow (Thursday), so stay tuned for that.

    GO TEXANS:francis:
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    I think, even with Clinton Portis back, the Redskins are going to struggle offensively until they change QBs. I think Brunell is done and should retire. He's about as mobile as Drew Bledsoe back there. Heck, Byron Leftwich could probably outrun him.
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    That was a great preview, thanks for posting that. I would have given you some rep but when i click on the rep button it wouldn't do anything. I'll get it to ya later.

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