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    Our Houston Texans (0-1) will travel to the RCA Dome Sunday to battle the Indianapolis Colts (1-0), in our first road game and division game of this season.

    This game will obviously be a tremendous challenge for us, we have yet to defeat Indianapolis in our team history, and hopefully this will change come Sunday, but again, this will be no easy task.

    The Colts are lead by star Quarterback Peyton Manning. Peyton Manning may be the best quarterback in the NFL, this has certainly been discussed. He is smart, manages the game well, makes good decisions and passes.

    He is obviously not their only offensive weapon. Wide Reciever Marvin Harrison is among the leauge's best recievers. Harrison is obviously very fast, can beat just about anybody in 1-on-1 coverage, and has so many more outstanding attributes.

    Reggie Wayne, the Colts second WR, is also very talented and big plus to the Colts offensive attack.

    Do not forget about there Tight Ends either. Indianapolis likes to use two tight end sets to set up there play-action passing game because it gives the illusion they are looking to pound the ball down the opponentsÂ’ throat with two extra linemen. Dallas Clark is obviously a well-known TE in this leauge, and rightfully so. He is athletic and very capable of making plays downfield.

    The running game for Indianapolis is a big question mark this season. They lost Edgerrin James during the off-season. As a result, they turn to 5- year veteran Dominic Rhodes to take a solid amount of their reps. Rookie Joseph Addaihas gets touches. The two combined however for only 55 yards last week with they took on the New York Giants.

    Overall on offense, they have many high-powered weapons, which is why they have ranked in the top 4 in the NFL in points in the past 7 seasons. The Colts are a nightmare for any opposing defensive coordinator.

    Defensively, the Colts are also very high-powered. They had 3 defensive players named All Pro. They ranked second in the leauge in points allowed last season as well.

    The star for the Colts on defense may very well be DE Dwight Freeny. In his first four full seasons, Freeny has made it to 3 Pro Bowls and has 51 sacks. Dwight Freeny is very fast, which makes up for his size some say, and when opposing teams double him, it opens it up the others Colts defenders to attack the opposing QB.

    Another big name on the Colts D is Robert Mathis. He, like teammate Dwight Freeny, uses speeds as his key attribute. In 2005, Mathis accumulated nearly 12 sacks.

    In terms of the Colts Defensive Tackle spots, they have a great three man rotation featurinf Corey Simon, Montae Reagor and Raheem Brock. Each of these 3 players contribute greatly to make the defensive operate in a positive manner.

    The Colts do have one of the smallest LB unit's in the leauge, however, they also use speed as their key attributes. This works as it allows the LB's to chase down opposing Running Backs and limit big pass plays once an opposing reciever makes a grab.

    Finally with the Colts defense, there backfield, led by FS Bob Sanders. Sanders can definetly law some solid hits on opposing recievers once they make a catch, despite his small size. Also Mike Doss operates in the Colts defensive backfield, a pretty good player coming from Ohio State.

    The Colts weakness on defense may be their secondary some say, but it is not a great weakness, as if you through the ball team on them, there is a good chance they will come away with the pic.

    Quickly, on Special Teams, the Colts welcomes new kicker Adam Vinateri. Most likely the best kicker in the NFL. Very accurate and more importantly, he is very clutch. You all know why.

    My ''Keys to Beating Indianapolis'' will be posted tomorrow (Friday).

    I feel this game will be a true test to our football team, and am looking foward to the big challenge Sunday.
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    Keep Manning off the field as much as possible.

    Keep their D on the field as much as possible and get them tired and then (ahem) run the ball. First downs is what we need. Over and Over.
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    Colts injury status from, man we might have a shot lol. :francis:

    QUESTIONABLE QB Jim Sorgi (shoulder), WR Brandon Stokley (ankle), TE Ben Hartsock (hamstring), TE Ben Utecht (finger), OG Ryan Lilja (knee), OT Ryan Diem (hand), OT Jake Scott (knee), DL Dan Klecko (calf), DL Ryan LaCasse (foot), DL Montae Reagor (knee), LB Gary Brackett (calf), LB Gilbert Gardner (hand), LB Rob Morris (foot), CB Jason David (tooth), CB Nick Harper (ankle), CB Tim Jennings (ankle), SS Mike Doss (calf), FS Bob Sanders (knee)
    OUT RB DeDe Dorsey (ankle), DL Corey Simon (knee), DL Josh Thomas (hip), LB Freddie Keiaho (knee)
    INJURED RESERVE FB James Mungro (ACL), DL Johnathan Goddard (foot)
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