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    Our Houston Texans will host the Cleveland Browns in the season's finale Sunday at Reliant Stadium.

    This will be another big test for our Texans squad. After coming off possibly the franchise's biggest win in history last week over Indianpolis, we need to get back to work in preparation for the Cleveland Browns. We will see how this team respond's to a big win in a game many feel we should win.

    The Browns are currently 4-11 but have lost alot of close contests this year. The following is a preview I have constructed of the Cleveland Browns...

    Starting with the offense, they rank 30th in both points scored and yards gained. They have a problem at the Quarterback position as well, as both starter Charlie Frye and backup Derek Anderson have been injured, forcing in third stringer Quaterback Ken Dorsey for this Sunday's battle.

    Dorsey has not seen very much action at all this season. However, he did lead Miami University to almost two national titles, so he can certainly play the position. He had good leadership skills and pocket prescence, but his lack of pure athletic ability and game-time experience will be working against him.

    At the running back position, the Cleveand Browns have Reuben Droughns. Droughns is a physical, strong running back that can plow defenders. You won't see him have too many monster runs, but he's the type of back that can pick up a descent amount at a time and ware down a defende. Droughns currently has 675 yards and 201 carries (an average of 3.4 yards per carry) and has found the endzone 4 times this season. He's a pretty solid back and a weapon for this Cleveland Brown offense.

    At the Recievers position, former Michigan standout Braylan Edwards is the head man. Edwards is having a very solid year having caught 57 passes for 838 yards and finding the endzone 6 times. He also has a 75 yard reception on the season. This kid can certainly make plays.

    At the other WR position, enter Joe Jurevicius. Jerevicius has had a solid veteran year catching 40 balls for nearly 500 yards. Jervicius has also recorded 3 Touchdowns on the year, and is a nice compliment to the young Edward's on the other side.

    The other Wide Reciever for the Browns, and their 3rd Wideout is Dennis Northcutt. Northcutt has hauled in 22 passes for 228 yards so far this season. He has yet to find the endzone, and he's obviously not the Browns' playmaking Wide Reciever, but has can occasionaly catch the big one, as he has recorded a 43 yard reception this season.

    The strong point for this Cleveland Browns offense is likely their Wide Reciever postion, they certainly have guys that can make plays as well as experienced veterans. This is a solid group of weapons.

    At the TE postion, they are also a strong point on this offense. The TE's for Cleveland include Kellen Winslow Jr and Steve Heiden. Both are primary the types of TE's who get very involved in the passing game and can make some big plays.

    Kellen Winslow Jr is a young and uprising TE who can have a very good future. Winslow leads the Browns in receptions with 78. He has registered 782yards on them as well. He also has a trio of TD's recorded. He's a very athletic TE and very hungry for that football.

    The Browns other TE is Steve Heiden. Heiden has racked up 232 yards on 33 catches this season for the Browns and has a couple of Touchdowns.

    Both of these TE's can be dangerous and add to the Browns passing game threat. Look for these guys, espically Winslow, to make some big plays in Sunday's game.

    In terms of the offensive line for the Browns, they have had their struggles this season. They have given up 53 sacks on the Quaterback. Names on this Brown's offensive line include veteran Center and former Eagle Hank Fraley, who has filled in this season for the injured LaCharles Bentley who went down prior to the season. At the Right Guard position, Casey Coleman is the man. Occupying Right Tackle position is Nat Dorsey. The Browns Left Guard is Joe Andruzzi and Left Tackle is Kevin Shaffer.

    Again, the offensive line for Cleveland has struggled this year due to injuries and some inexperienced players at the big positions on the O-line.

    Defensively for the Cleveland Browns, let me big by first saying they employ the 3-4 scheme. This is an important factor because New England, New York Jets and Dallas each employ this defense and our Texans were beaten pretty big all three of those games so this defense looks to give us some problems Sunday.

    Let's begin with the defensive line and work back. The defensive line for the Cleveland Browns. At the Nose Tackles position, the big Ted Washington is present. He is the leader of the Browns D-Line. Washington is one of the biggest players in the NFL, and that is scary. He has also recorded 40 tackles this season.

    At the defensive end positions on the line, Alvin McKinley and Simon Fraser are the men. Neither are asked to do alot, although Alvin McKinley has recorded 45 tackles so far and a sack. Former OSU standout Simon Fraser is still learing it seems, although he has recorded nearly 5 sacks this season so he could be a part of this Browns D in the future.

    The Linebackers for the Browns have also suffered injures this year to both Andra Davis and D'Qwell Jackson. These were two highlight players on this defense, but niether should play Sunday.

    Filling in for these two men at the Inside Linebacker position are Chaun Thompson, Leon Williams and Mason Unck.<P>

    Chuan Thompson has recorded 21 tackles and a couple of sacks filling in this season. Leon Williams has 24 tackles and a sack and Mason Unck comes in with 10 tackles and 2 sacks. Again, obviously they can't do the job Davis and Jackson could, but can make a few plays.

    The Outside Linebackers are a strong point of this Browns defense featuring a combination of the solid rookie Kamerion Wimbley and big time veteran Willie McGinnest. Both specilize at rushing the passer.

    The rookie Kamerion Wimbley has tremendous speed and this obviously only helps him attack the opposing passer. Wimbley has exceeded expectations for his rookie season, recording 42 tackles and leading the Browns defense in sacks with 10. He will be one our Texans must contain Sunday.

    Former Patriot Williw McGinnest is obviously a solid veteran. He has recorded 35 tackles and 4 sacks this season and has has an interception.

    The outside linebackers for the Browns are obviously a strong point for this defense and they can really make bigtime plays.

    Let's talk about the Browns Cornerbacks. The Browns demonstrate alot of youth at the Corner Position featuring both Leigh Bodden and Daven Holly.

    Bodden has picked 2 passes in his games played this year and also recorded 26 tackesl.

    On the other side, Daven Holly seems to be an interception machine for the Browns recording 4 interceptions and registering 86 yards returning them and also taking one to the house. Holly has also made 54 tackles and recovered a fumble for his team.

    Both these corners are young but are stepping up being very productive. They also can force alot of turnovers so this is something to watch out for.

    At the Safety position, Cleveland has some talent. The saftey position is led by the young playmaker Sean Jones. Jones has 65 tackles (2nd most on the team), has a split sack and also recovered a fumble. The most impressive stat for Jones is his 5 interceptions. He has really stepped it up this year and is one of the best players on this Browns defensive unit.

    At the other Safety position for Cleveland, enter the young Brodney Pool. Pool has been pretty productive this season for the Browns, recording 54 tackles, a sack and also an interception. He can make a few plays, and is also young.

    Overall, the Safety position features young talent as I mentioned above. They can certainly make plays and is something to watch out for in Sunday's game.

    Real quickly, the Special Teams for the Cleveland Browns.

    Veteran kicker Phil Dawson is still productive nowadays. He's 5 of 6 from Field Goals between 20 and 29 yards, 8 of 9 from kicks from 30-39 yards out, but has struggled in his most common range, between 40 and 49 yards. He is currently 50% in that area on 10 attempts so he's struggled their. He has however converted on a Field Goal over 50 yards.

    Punter Dave Zastudil is descent, he has nailed 25 punts inside the oppents 20this year. Zastudil is also averaging 44.1 yards on his punts.

    Overall, a banged up Browns team but still one who has some young players and playmakers. They have played some good teams tough this year and could have beaten them if one or two more plays went their way as well.

    As for our Texans, again, a big test for us to see how we respond from a major win. We can accomplish alot with this win as I mentioned yesterday. We could record back-to-back wins for the first time in about 2 years, quadrupol our win total from last year with 6 which is a big accomplishment, and most important, head into next season with alot of momentum.

    It's the final game Sunday folks, and I look for our house Reliant Stadium to be rockin' just like it was last game versus Indy. This will be big factor in the game- make some noise when Cleveland has the ball!

    I'll post my ''Keys to Success vs. Cleveland'' tomorrow on Thursday as usual.

    GO TEXANS ! :gotexans1
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    I predict a blow-out by us.

    I think this is the game where we exact some revenge, and I think we nail down and solidify that we're a new team and not anybody's bee-ahtch anymore.

    Seriously, I say it'll be 38-21 with the bulk of the Browns' points coming in garbage time.

    You guys don't believe it, you think we'll float a turdlet out on our last game.

    I think the Colts game put a swagger into our team. And I think someone has taken over full playcalling duties from Calhoun.

    Gonna' be a BEAT DOWN. Period.

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