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    Our Houston Texans are 3-6 and coming off of a big win last week as we head home finally after 3 straight roads to battle the hard fighting Bufallo Bills in Reliant Stadium on Sunday.

    The Buffalo Bills currently have a record of 3-6. However, 4 of those 6 loses come by 8 points or less. Their last game was against Indianapolis and they only lost by a point, so they can play with the best of them.

    The following is a preview I have constructed of the Buffalo Bills...

    Offensively, it starts with young Quaterback JP Losman. Losman has been under some fire recently for not playing up to this potentail and some day his time with the Bills may be running out. They say he tries to do to much instead of letting the game come at him. His stats so far tihs year are 138 of 224, 7 TD's, 6 INTs with 1498 yards passing. Turnovers are the big problem. None the less, Losman can still make big plays with his young arm.

    At the running game, the Bills took a pretty big hit when they lost Willis McGahee for the season. The Bills running game ws then put in the hands of Anthoney Thomas. Thomas appears to be one of those backs who goes right at the middle of the line and tries to make holes to get through. In his two games for Bufallo this season filling in for McGahee, Thomas has rushed for 95yards and 109 yards, two very solid performances. His total stats for the year are 243 yards on 59 attemps and 2 TD's. He is averaging just over 4 yards per carry. This will be one the Bill's bigger offensive weapons.

    At the Wide Reciever Position, their main man is the young and rising Lee Evans. Evans' speed appears to be his strong point. Evans' stats this year are 44 receptions for 557 yards and he has recorded 2 TD's. Look for him to get in thre endzone alot more before season's end.

    On the other side for the Bills at WR reads Peerless Price. Price returns to Bufallo where he orginially played after two rather dissipointing years with the Atlanta Falcons. Price's strong point appears to be his speed with getting up field. Price has 231 yards on 27 receptions so far this season, along with a TD.

    Buffalo's third man at the Wide Reciever position is Josh Reed. Reed's speciality appears to be finding holes in the defense's coverage, which is a good thing to have. He is also a brave WR, not afraid to go over the middle. Reed, so far this season, has 23 receptions for 229 yards and has also recorded a TD. He is averaging 10 yards per reception.

    At the Tight End position, it seems to be used more for blocking with Buffalo as oppoed to getting passes thrown to them. Bills TE Robert Royal only has 10receptions so far this season with about 100 yards recieving.

    The offensive line unit for the Buffalo Bills appears to be their offense weakness. They has given up 30 sacks to opposing defense's thru their first 9games this season, and they do not help out their own running game much either. Players on this Bills offensive line include LT Jason Peters, LG Mike Gandy, C Melvin Fowler, RG Chris Villaerial and RT Terrance Pennington. Also, look for backups Tutan Reyes and Duke Preston to possibly get some game action at just about any offensive line position if the starters struggle early on.

    Defensively for the Buffalo Bills, they have a pretty solid, solid group. Dick Jauron is known for his defense whever he goes and he has done a very good job consturcting a solid defense with the Bills.

    Starting with the Defensive End position for Buffalo, they are very good. Aaron Schobel, Chris Kelsay and Ryan Denney may not be superstars but play the game with sound techniue and they really get the job done. Chris Kelsay seems to be the most aggresive of the three. Kelsay has recorded 21 tackles and has a great 5 sacks this season, so that really speeks for itself. Aaron Schobel's main duty most of the time is to go for the opposing Quaterback and he has 16 tackles and a high 7 sacks. Those 7 sacks tells me has has some success getting at the QB. Ryan Denney is again, a good player and has recorded 21 tackles thru 9 games so far this season. Overall, a very solid ground of linebackers.

    Let's talk about the Bill's linebacking core now. This unit it probably the main point of this good defense. It's led by the great Takeo Spikes and London Fletcher-Baker. Angelo Crowell is the weak-side linebacker. Starting with Takeo Spikes, his main attribute is his monster hits on opposing offense's. Spikes has recorded 19 tackles and a sack this season. London Fletcher-Baker's has good leadership skills, and leads by example as he leads the team with 63 tackles this season along with 2 INT's. Angelo Crowell has tremendous speed and great instincts, two top-notch qualities, and his stats reflect that with 46 tackles and also, 2 INTS. This linebacking core for the Bills can also get to the opposing QB, they combine for 5 sacks in 9 games.

    In terms of their Cornerbacks, their man corner is Nate Clements. Celement's strong point is his size. He has 34 tackles thus far this season. On the other side of Clements and at the other Cornerback position is Terrance McGee, known for his speed. He uses this speek to track down the run game and keep up with recievers. McGee has 46 tackles this season and has recovered a fumble.

    At the Safety positions, the Bills feature two rookies who are playing very well for their defense. Donte Whitner is the main safety for Bufallo and was the 8th pick in April's draft. He has 52 tackles and an interception, living up to that high pick. Whitner's strong point appears to be his ability to make big hits on opposing recievers who come across him. Opposite of Whitner at the Safety position is Ko Simpson. Simpson has 29 tackles, a sack and an interception this season. Simpson may be known for his speed more than anything.

    Real quickly on Special Teams for the Bills, Punter Brian Moorman is having another greatt years for Bufallo, nailing 19 inside the 20 this season. Bills Kicker Ryan Lindell is very good as well, he haas his 2/2 attempts 50 yards or more and has only missed two attempts all season.

    Overall, not a bad Bills team coming into town. They can make a few big plays on offense, and have a stout defense to say the leas. I feel they are much better than their 3-6 record, and again, played Indianapolis extremely tough last week. This will be a pretty big challenge for our Texans this week.

    Hopefully we can have success in this game,
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    • Losman...still developing pretty slowly...2 weeks in a row they've kept pass plays to a minimum. He started the season improving then , along with the rest of the team, fell apart in Chicago...two more games showed little improvement. They started over after the Bye and Jauron is talking like they're gonna start loosening the cuffs on him again...see if he'll improve again.
    • A-Train hits the holes with authority...and can make gains out of nothing. McGahee wasn't doing that all that well
    • At WR, Evans is coming into his own as the #1 WR but would benefit from having a strong WR opposite him. Peerless hasn't shown himself to be the guy who used to play for the Bills...not getting a lot of separation. Reed, after a few years of disappointment, started bouncing back last year after developing a rapport with Losman.
    • TE...a major disappoinment. Royal has had a few opportunities..and did well in one game...but was invisible most of the time. He might as well have been invisible last week as Dwight Freeney ran right through him to record his first full sack of the year. Kevin Everett comes from a long line of outstanding University of Miami TEs...but it appears he tripped on his way to pick up his skills. Neufeld is a decent utility guy
    • O-line...kinda looking like the Texans O-lines of the past as far as pass blocking...oh, and Villarial is out...maybe for the year...Duke Preston will get the start at RG
    • covered the DEs pretty well...the DTs have held up at the point of attack....for brief periods. Rookie Kyle Williams is getting massive playing time in place of starter Tim Anderson and Larry Triplett has been decent, but not worth what we spent on him
    • LB...TKO isn't even a shell of his former self...which might have something to do with the fact he moved to SLB from his old WLB spot, now that I think about it. Fletcher and Crowell are tackling machines
    • CBs...struggled for the early parts of the season but recently started playing very well in the new scheme. Clements held Harrison in check pretty well last week. Terrence "T-Mac" McGee has also come on strong..was a blanket on Reggie Wayne last week....but Manning can put a pass where no one else can.
    • S...they're improving every week which is good for the entire secondary. With rookie Ko Simpson at FS making calls, DBs were frequently out of position...but he's done much better in that area recently. Whitner was looked upon as a reach by many....but he's making the Bills front office look smart with his play thus far.
    • ST..P Moorman..what else can you say? probably the best punter in the league..K Rian Lindell was a goat last week due to a crucial miss...but has been solid for us this and last season. At KR, T-Mac is explosive and a threat to take it the distance anytime he touches the ball. At PR, Roscoe Parrish is a solid threat as long as he doesn't get hit. With his small size, he's relatively easy to bring long as you can get a hold of him.
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    I was wondering when the preview would be put up. You do not disappoint.
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    DeMeco will be shutting down that running game pretty effectively.
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    is wali gonna be starting in this game?

    i got him on my FF and the bills are giving up about 121 Ruyrds a game


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