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Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by keyfro, Jun 29, 2005.

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    Apr 30, 2004
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    just like a year ago most of the talk about playoff teams seems to be about the jags...this is the year that leftwich and company pull it off...all i have to say to that is bull...everyone said the samething about seahawks last year and they backed into the playoffs do to the nfc's weak list of teams...i do not believe the jags will make a playoff run this season...they're DT's are great...they're DE's are better...they're LB's are good...but they're DB's are horrible...any team that can give their QB 3.5 seconds to throw should put up good numbers

    as for the rest of the playoff teams i think the eagles will once again dissapoint many phili fans...atlanta will make it to the NFC championship game again...GB will get to the playoffs because farve runs the NFC north...but will meet better competition fromt he vikes, bears, and for the AFC well you can expect the unexpected...i see the steelers, colts, and patriots in the playoffs but beyond that is up in the air

    my question to who ever wants to discuss this way early playoff picture is...who are your playoff teams...and who wins the superbowl?

    i see it being the steelers vs. atlanta...steelers win as the AFC continues it's dominance over the NFC
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    AFC is tough to call, I can see the Pats, Jets, Ravens, Steelers, Colts, and the Chiefs :confused: in the playoff hunt. NFC probably Philly, Atlanta, Carolina, and maybe the Rams or Seahawks in the hunt. As far as Super Bowl goes, probably the Pats or Ravens will represent the AFC IMO :embarrass , and either Atlanta or Philly representing the NFC. Just my opinions though.
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    2 teams with 1st round byes-Colts & Steelers
    2 other division winners-Jets & Broncos
    2 WildCard teams-Pats & Texans :homer:

    Colts beat Jets in Indy to advance to SB

    2 teams with 1st round byes-Falcons & Rams (call it a hunch)
    2 other division winners-Eagles & Packers
    2 WildCard teams-Seahawks & Vikes

    Packers beat Falcons in ATL to advance to SB

    Packers beat Colts in SB and Favre retires a Champ!!
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    Wherever the US govt. sends me
    that would be great.

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