Predictions - Let's make some bold "guesses"....

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by houstonhurricane, Apr 19, 2006.

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    With all of the talk about which players will provide an immediate impact this year, I thought it would be interesting to make some predictions as to some of this year's top prospects. I'll take a stab at it first:

    Reggie Bush - I think he will have an outstanding year with a shot at rookie of the year honors. Possibly 800 rushing yards (assuming he shares touches with someone like DD) and a few hundred receiving. This prediction also assumes he does not end up in San Fran...

    Leinhart - If he goes to a team where he starts, I think he can have a pretty solid year (well, at least better than Alex Smith's rookie season).

    Vince Young - While I don't see him starting, if he did I think he would have a very difficult transition year. However, this prediction has nothing to do with his long-term potential...

    Williams - Contrary to all of the hype, I don't see him having a very strong rookie season. He will most certainly get his share of sacks. However, he hasn't even put together one full season of solid ball at the collegiate level. In the long run, he may end up being the best pick of the draft...

    Hawk - Stud. He will give Reggie a run for rookie of the year. If he ends up in Green Bay, I can see him as an Urlacher protege.

    Ferguson - I think he struggles in his rookie season. He is extremely talented, but I am not sure he is quite up to the LT position. If he starts off at RT, he may have a solid year.

    Well, I am sure I will end up eating crow on most of these.
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    Allright lets go

    Reggie Bush-Less that 1000 total yards, uber-disappointment

    Vince Young-First year starter, 3000 yards passing, 600 rushing, 25 td, 14 int, 5 rushing touchdowns

    Aj Hawk- 70 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 int, 3 ff

    Mario Williams- 4 sacks, Struggles early

    Michael Huff-6 Ints, 45 tackles

    DBrick Ferguson-2 Sacks allowed

    Matt Leinart- 8 games played, INJURY, 1300 yards passing, 6 tds 11 ints
  3. Trap_Star

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    OROY-DeAngelo Williams- 1200 yds rushing, 300 yds receiving, 12 total TD's

    DROY-Rocky McIntosh- 110 tkls, 5 sacks, 2 ints (will make pro-bowl as a back-up)
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    MVP-Reggie Bush (Hey you asked for bold)
    O-Roy-Reggie Bush
    D-Roy-Michael Huff
    Vince Young-Gets smacked by Michael Huff in preseason game and out for yr.
    D'Brick-Draft's biggest bust
    Matt Leinart-Finishes 2nd in ROY voting
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    reggie bush - 1000 yards rushing, 400 receiving, 10 total TDs

    mario williams - starts out a bit slow, is benched for a game in favor of charles grant, but he comes back strong and gets like 6 sacks in 4 games or something ridiculous like that

    matt leinart - 3000 yards, 25 TDs, OROTY

    jay cutler - never starts, sees the field a few times in garbage time. looks promising

    d'brickashaw ferguson - starts at LT, back to RT, then back to LT at the end of the year

    michael huff - DROTY

    vernon davis - 35 catches, 4 TDs...struggles lined up as a TE. gets most of his catches split out

    broderick bunkley - quality starter, not the force expected. gets stopped by big bodies easily

    winston justice - starts at RT the entire year

    vince young - sits on the bench as the cardinals drive towards a playoff spot
  6. Trap_Star

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  7. awtysst

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    Ok, you want bold? Here yall go for next season:

    Reggie Bush- 700 yards rushing, 200 yds receiving

    Vince Young- Sits for a year, maybe comes in and throws a little in mop up duty or if team is getting decimated.

    Aj Hawk- 75 tackles, 4 sacks, 0 int, 4 ff

    Mario Williams- 7sacks

    Michael Huff-2Ints, 55tackles

    DBrick Ferguson- Plays RT this season and gives up 6 sacks. Moves to LT next year

    Matt Leinart- starts midway through the season and plays better then Alex Smith. 7 tds, 11 INTS

    Offensive Rookie of the year:Vernon Davis. He turns in an Antonio Gates impersonation and wins offensive Rookie of the year easily.

    Defensive Rookie of the year: JImmy Williams. He will drop and end up going to a pretty good team like Chicago. With a stud defense, he will get thrown on and make a bunch of plays.
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    OROY - Reggie Bush - I think in Denver's system he could legitimately put up 1200 rushing yards, 400 receiving yards, and 8+ TDs his rookie year (could definitely end up being less or even more than that).
    DeAngelo Williams or Laurence Maroney also have decent shots at this award depending on what team they go to and how many opportunities they get to run the ball.

    DROY - Mario Williams or A.J. Hawk. If Mario goes to a 4-3 defensive team that has any kind of smart DC, I think he could put up 40+ tackles and 10+ sacks quite easily. I think Hawk (likewise depending on his team) could end up with 100-120 tackles, 3-4 sacks, and put up a solid enough campaign to get DROY. I think it will either be Mario or one of the LBs since LBs usually accumulate the most stats.

    I think Bush will have a very solid rookie season if he comes to the Texans, if not it really depends on where he goes.

    I think Leinart would struggle a decent amount if he gets significant playing time (probably about a 1:1 TD:INT ratio at best).

    I doubt Vince Young gets to play other than garbage time, I just don't think he's ready and don't think the teams that will likely take him will be in that big of a hurry to throw him to the wolves.

    I think DeAngelo Williams, Laurence Maroney, and LenDale White (if he fully recovers from his bad hamstring) will all have pretty productive seasons if they go to a decent offensive system and get a chance to get the ball.

    I think most of the OTs will struggle, especially if they play LT. I can easily see D'Brickashaw, Marcus McNeill, etc. giving up 8-12 sacks, most rookies do, and I don't think most of these guys are physically and mentally mature enough to have a real "successful" season. I think Winston Justice probably has the best chance of having a "great" rookie season, depending on what team he goes to.

    I think a lot of the LBs (Hawk, Carpenter, Greenway, etc.) will have statistically solid seasons and get pretty significant playing time.

    I think many of the better DBs will struggle early, but several of them could end up being solid players towards the end of the year (similar to Dunta Robinson's rookie year).

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