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Discussion in 'Mock Draft Talk' started by skenney_11, Mar 7, 2013.

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    If Barkley is still on the board at 27, I see a team like Cleveland moving up to get him. So I propose trading our 1st for their 2nd , swap of 4ths. and a 5th round pick. I am also including the projected compensatory picks.

    #2. Justin Hunter, WR. Once his knee heals to 100%, he will be considered a steal in the 2nd round. He has great size and speed and will crack the rotation once he get run block well enough for Kubiak's liking. With the sense of Walter being cut, WR will be position to address this off-season.

    #2. Brandon Williams, DT. Cody is a for sure goner so DT will need to be addressed also. I think the consensus around here is that Williams would be a great replacement. He is HUGE unlike the DT's that have been on the team. He will help in not allowing teams to run up the middle against us. With his motor and size, I am liking my chops to see him next to Watt on the line.

    #3a. Da'Rick Rodgers. What??? Yeah, I like his ability and think the Texans can see past his drug usage and pick him based on talent. With a guy like AJ, Rodgers can learn to be professional and go make plays on the field. Hunter can be Walter's replacement and Rodgers will be Andre's replacement.

    #3b. Chase Thomas, OLB. His 40 time really dropped his stock which is a good thing for the Texans. With the feeling that Barwin will not be returning, the OLB position will need to be looked. Thomas seems like a guy the Texans would draft due to his high character and not taking plays off. I would mock Montgomery here, but with what he has said in the last few weeks, I feel that the Texans should distance themselves from him.

    #4. David Quessenberry, OT. I have the Texans selecting a OT two reasons. 1. Competition against Newton. Hopefully Kubiak picks a starter in preseason and sticks with him instead switching them out like he did with the RG position. 2. Will need depth with Butler and Harris being FA's.

    #5. Josh Johnson, CB. His slow 40 time is going to drop his status which once again will be beneficial to the Texans. He is pretty good in man coverage and can be a good run tackler. The only knock is that he likes to play physical with having his hands on the receiver, but other than that, I would love to have him on the team.

    #6. Brad Wing, P. I highly doubt the Texans spend the money on Lechler so a Punter will need to be drafted. Wing can boom the ball off his foot which will help Kubiak become more conservation on offense lol. His failed drug test scares me so Allen could be an alternative here.

    #6. Michael Williams, TE. He's a great run blocker which will help improve the run game. I see him as a certain situation player for now. Once he can catch balls and run routes consistently, he can become a starter.

    #6. Zach Boren, FB. I imagine another team will get Casey in free agency so the Texans will need a FB. Boren could become the day one started if a FB is not signed in free agency.

    #7. Rex Burkhead, RB. He is a powerback that can be used in certain situations and will also improve RB depth if something happens to Tate this off-season.

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