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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by pec0sb0b, Apr 20, 2012.

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    Only six days left before the draft. Which players do you want to see wearing a Texans uniform in September?

    I like these guys.

    Derek Wolfe, DE/DT, Cincinnati
    Height: 6-5. Weight: 295.

    This guy looks like another J.J. Watt. He would go right into rotation with Antonio and J.J. and would be a disruptive force inside on passing downs. Has the quickness, bulk and strength to play every down on a Wade Phillips-style defensive line. Super high motor guy.

    Why we need him
    A 3-4 base defense is usually on the field roughly 40% of all defensive snaps. When the Texans shifted into the nickel or dime last season, J.J. and Antonio moved inside and Mario (initially, then Brooks) and Connor played the 4-2-5 and 4-1-6 DE position to get all our best pass-rushers on the field. Now that Mario is gone, we not only lost our 3-4 OLB, but also our nickel DE. Currenty our nickel front four are Reed and Barwin At DE and Smith and Watt at DT. Barwin can play the position but Reed doesn't really have the bulk. Also, we only have two guys on the roster who can really play in the 5-technique DE in the base 3-4 (J.J and Antonio) which would be bad if one of them were to be injured. 3-4 defenses typically carry 5 or 6 defensive linemen while 4-3 defenses typically carry 10-12 defensive linemen on their rosters. In other words 3-4 defenses need linemen who can play multiple positions along the defensive line. So, we need a defensive lineman that can play in rotation with Antonio and J.J. in the base defense but also can contribute on passing downs. In other words we need another J.J. Watt.

    Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford
    Height: 6-6. Weight: 247.

    Remember, now, that Kubiak values tight ends right up there with air and water and such...and that he just had to let go a tight end that he had for five seasons. You do realize, don't you, that there's zero chance we're getting through this draft without selecting a tight end. I know it's painful...

    Why we should want him
    He's fast...his unofficial Pro Day 40-yd time was 4.45. He's tall - eight inches taller than Kendall Wright. Advanced route running skills...huge catch radius...great hands...scoring threat...he would would have an immediate impact on the offense. He'll be the best wide receiver available in the late first round even though he's a tight end. Did I mention that he's eight inches taller than Kendall Wright?

    *A parting thought on selecting a wide receiver in the first round... gets worse from there into the later rounds.
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    I know the trend is for the Texans to select a receiver with the 26th pick, but I wouldn't mind seeing them nab either Jonathan Martin or Nick Perry instead. In my opinion, our first priority needs to be ensuring the run game doesn't miss a beat next season. That's where Martin comes in. Nick Perry would also be an exciting pick who would give us some much needed OLB depth with Mario gone. Also I think this WR class is deep enough to wait until the 2nd round to select one.
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    I have a man crush on Fleener for the reasons you stated.

    + Tall

    + Fast

    + Hands

    + Smart route running

    This defense needs an Owen Daniels-type TE again, and I think this guy is it.

    But ain't no way he is there at #26. He's going Top 20, easily.
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    I'm hoping Fleener or Kendall Wright drop to us at 26.

    I wouldn't mind guys like Sanu in the 2nd or Childs in the 3rd or Toon in the 3rd or 4th. If Hanna (TE) falls to the 6th round, I'd take a flyer on him. He's got great measurables but it's scary why he didn't produce more.

    Ultimately, I'd like to come out of this with an early (1-3) round WR. I'd like a talented TE to fill in the TE3 spot and hopefully develop into a TE1. If we can nab a later round OLB, I'd like that. If a good ILB falls to us in the 2nd or 3rd that could challenge Sharpton, I would like that.

    This year, I haven't been following close enough to know everyone's names and weaknesses and stories. So I don't have any faves this year.
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    Count me in on the Fleener bandwagon. I've said as much in the mock threads. And it's mainly because I doubt that the 1st round quality WRs will be gone by the time we pick. And we all know how much we count on TEs in our offense. I'd like him as insurance in case G. Graham disappoints as the Dreessen replacement unit.

    Having said that, if there's another budding J.J.Watt out there for Wade to add to his arscenal then by gawd, go git him!

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    Nick Perry will be gone - he's a 4-3 DE in college with loads of talent who also projects to rush-LB in a lot of 3-4 teams and it's just highly unlikely he'd make it to 26, but if he did I think Wade would jump all over this guy.
    Re Martin, I'm hearing this guy is overrated but no matter, with 2nd year OT
    Eric Newton backing Butler, I doubt that they draft another OT in the first 3, certainly not the first 2 rounds with the upside they see in Newton.
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    I hope Fleener, Wright etc are gone by 26 and we trade down.
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    Position-wise, I'm OK with O-line, OLB, or WR. Fleener would be fine as a TE/WR hybrid. The only top O-lineman I would have a problem with is Mike Adams (though I think Zeitler is a poor fit for the ZBS). I also think Kendall Wright is a bad fit in the Texans WCO. Otherwise, there are a dozen or more players that I think could be good fits and have value at #26. It's not as bad a spot as many suggest.
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    Really hoping for a trade down and score another 2nd round pick.

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