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    Can someone copy & paste the post game quotes from the main site? I've tried repeatedly to get on there this morning and it just freezes my computer for some reason. I'm really interested in hearing what everyone had to say after that victory. Thanks in advance.
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    (on the dominance the team showed today) “It’s just terrific. Our defense is maturing and getting better and better. This is the third game that we have kept the opposition under 200 yards. We rushed for 250 yards today. It was an outstanding effort and I was really proud of them.”

    (on being 6-3 for the season) “We’re 6-3 but that does not get you to the playoffs. You have got to take them one at a time. It looks like Tampa Bay is losing and they’re going to be anxious to get a win. We are going to have to go over there and play really good football to beat them and that’s what we are capable of doing.”

    (on the reaction from the media at the team’s success) “At some point they are going to realize that we are a very good football team. We will let them take their time doing that. We know we have a fine club. We’ll see how far they take us, but they are just playing great football right now.”

    (on the improvement in the defense this season) “They are even better than what I expected. I think I made the comment at the beginning of the season that if we could just get the defense up into the middle of the pack that it would be a great step forward. We have probably got the second or third best defense in the league. That is a credit to (Defensive Coordinator) Wade (Phillips), (Linebackers Coach) Reggie Herring, (Defensive Backs Coach) Vance (Joseph) and (Asst. Head Coach/Defensive Line) Bill Kollar. Those guys on the defensive side of the ball have really done a great job.”

    (on the dynamic of RB Arian Foster and RB Ben Tate) “Well I tell you I would hate to be on the other side of them. They will wear you out. That’s the second game that we have had two runners with each over a hundred yards.”

    (on if a team can be soft if it runs the ball the way the Texans did last year) “I don’t think so. I don’t think we can run the football the way we did, protect the way we did, play the way we did and be considered that.”

    (on starting the game fast) “We really did. We started very fast, both sides of the ball. Get the turnover, convert that to another touchdown. The key to the game is we controlled the line of scrimmage, that was the key to the game. Continue to play great defense. What is that, three weeks in a row hold an opponent under 200? And then offensively, rush for, what, 260? When we’re doing that we are a pretty good football team. We did a good job executing our plan in all three phases.”

    (on what could have been done better in today’s game) “You don’t want to turn the ball over. That was a tough play, a tipped ball, so you definitely don’t want to do that. I’ll tell you what, we had another touchdown to (RB) Arian (Foster) on the pass that got batted down in the second quarter. So that cost us a few plays. I just think we just keep plugging. I liked the way we executed. Special teams wise we kicked it to him (WR/KR Josh Cribbs) the first two times, and I said that’s it after I saw that. He is something. So we had a plan for the rest of the game to keep it out of his hands and did a good job of that. Defensively, we stopped the run. So that’s a key to winning. We executed our plan pretty good.

    (on LB Brooks Reed and other players) “He just continues to get better, and that’s what exciting right now. He knows what’s going on, he’s a very smart player. He’s an effort guy so he makes a lot of hustle plays late, and football plays and that’s what we need. The key to probably the rest of our season is going to be guys like Brooks raising their level. (DE) JJ Watt playing like a second year pro as we go forward and stuff like that. That is good to see (RB) Ben Tate comes in today and he’s giving us a big boost when (RB) Arian (Foster) is out of the game. Those are the types of things you want to see start to happen as you move along in the season.”

    (on LB Brian Cushing and his attitude as a player) “He loves to play. Cush loves to play. He’s just so excited about what is going on right now. He’s a leader. He’s a leader on the defensive side of the ball. I don’t think I told you all this, but we voted a few more captains at the mid-way point. We did it off of respect to how you’re playing, and for offense, defense and special teams and Cush was a unanimous pick on the defensive side of the ball. That’s what the guys think of him and he’s bringing it every week. It’s been pretty impressive.”

    (on the teams play over the past three games) “When you’re holding people like that you’ve got a chance as a football team to look really good. Offensively, the thing we’re doing offensively well, is we’re controlling the football and the clock, so we’re doing a good job of keeping them off the field. They’re only going to get tougher as we move forward. And I just told the guys a while ago our second half of the season is a little bit like the first half: we started with a big win at home, and we’ve got to go back to Florida. So, we play a good football team in Tampa next weekend.”

    (on comparing this year’s team to previous teams he has coached) “That’s hard. That would be really hard. We’ve got a long way to go. We’re still overcoming obstacles as a football team, five tough obstacles here in the past five, six weeks. How we continue to overcome those things is probably going to be the difference before it’s said and done. The key is are you getting better as the season goes along. You’re trying to do everything you can to win a game, but are you getting better as a football team? And today, to me, we started the second half of the season solid. I like the way we played in all three phases. But we’ll get tested and the tests will continue to get bigger. The team we’re playing next weekend is right there in the playoff chase and we’ve got to go do it on the road. So, we push to our break which is the following week and we’ve got some guys that need a break. We just need to push through this next weekend.”

    (on the combo of running backs (RBs Arian Foster and Ben Tate) and their play) “It’s fun to watch right now. It’s almost like a competition because they just go back and forth. Arian pounds them and Ben comes in and Ben gives you a lot of speed. They’re a little bit different from that standpoint. Then (RB) Derrick (Ward) comes in at the end. Thankfully we got the fumble back, but he just runs hard. When you’ve got those guys competing like that it’s just making everybody else better. And it starts with the guys up front.”

    (on if the Browns were doing a good job covering the wide receivers) “I don’t know. Going into the game they were very good against the pass, as a defense, and they had struggled against the run. I came out throwing the ball; I think I threw it the first four plays of the game. I didn’t sense that we couldn’t throw the ball, if that what you’re asking me, but I just felt like once we got going we controlled the line of scrimmage and they were going to struggle against our defense. Time to do the right thing for us to go get another win.”

    (on having more in his arsenal that hasn’t been used yet) “We go in the game with a lot of bullets and hopefully you don’t use them all. You keep working on them in practice. But, when you’re in a game, it’s like the fourth down early in the game, what was it, fourth and half a yard? But, that was the only way the momentum was going to flip in the game. And it’s tough on me as an offensive guy to make that decision, but I know that is the best decision for our team and the way we’re playing. It worked out.”

    (on the fourth down play and if someone had to talk him out of going for it) “Believe it or not, no. I had some guys hollering at me to go for it, but I said ‘no, kick the ball.’”

    (on if better players making him a better coach) “Yeah, believe me, they’re the ones that do the job.”

    (on not going for the fourth down in the first quarter) “I think it’s a momentum thing. I think the last time we had this conversation we were on the road in Tennessee and we were trying to close the game. In this game I think it was still the first quarter, am I right? It was the first quarter, with three minutes left in the first quarter. You’re in a field position game, up 14-3, and I think we’re going to play pretty good defense all day. Doesn’t make any sense right there to me.”

    (on how happy he is about where the team is right now) “I’m excited. We’ve been working really hard around this place to get ourselves in this type of position. It’s still very early, but it’s exciting for the franchise, the coaches, the players. They’re only going to get bigger and that’s why we do what we do, to get a chance to do this type of stuff. I’m excited for the players, excited for the building, excited for all the people, but we’ve got to keep doing the work.”

    (on CB Kareem Jackson and his play today) “He’s been practicing well. He has played well too, but, to me Kareem has really grown up a great deal. I think (Secondary coach) Vance (Joseph) has done an excellent job with the whole secondary and Kareem as well. He’s gaining confidence as a player. His personality is a lot better to me in practice and in the game. He’s just growing up. And we’re going to need them all. I’m just glad to see those good things happen for him today. He hasn’t had the interceptions, but boy has he been in position to make his plays. We’re just excited about his growth right now in the second year.”
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    (on CB Quintin Demps) “I think I have said this to ya’ll a couple times and (Defensive Coordinator) Wade (Phillips) made the comment, we may have found something here and we might have made a mistake the first time we let him go. We went young as a secondary and there is a veteran player who has played a lot of football, who is on the streets, but he was here in Houston, living and working and taking care of his business. We bring him back and he goes right back in and starts playing well. We got a little lucky right there. Lucky somebody didn’t get him before we got him back. We feel very good to have him.”

    (on the injuries in the game) “(DE) Antonio’s (Smith) got a little shoulder, he did not play much at all, if any, in the second half. I think he played a few plays. He will be day-to-day. And (DT) Earl Mitchell got a little ankle. We had a little scare with Antonio, but we think we’re going to be ok, so we’ll keep pushing forward.”

    (on the game) “Solid game for us again, I thought we played well. Offense running the ball so well keeps you (defense) off the field. We put a lot of pressure on the quarterback and we didn’t allow them to run the football. I think our players responded well. It could have been a letdown this week but they fought hard.”

    (on combating playing down to the Browns) “Gary (Kubiak) is really honest with the players. Saying, ‘hey this is what we have to do and it’s what we have to continue doing to be a good football team,’ and the guys responded well.”

    (on stopping them on third down) “You play hard for two downs but that third down is the key for you. They know it’s a big play and they make the big plays.”

    (on Brooks Reed) “Brooks is a rookie but he’s learning on the job. He plays awfully hard and that shows up. We stood up for him in the draft because we thought he was going to be a good player. I think he’s showing he can play in this League.”

    (on Brice McCain playing better this season) “I liked him last year when I saw him on film. We thought he was a very good cover guy. We put him in the slot and that’s the toughest position to cover because the receiver can go any direction and he can cover man so that’s why we utilize him.”

    (on players stepping in for injured players) “That’s the type of talent we have. When you see Troy Nolan out there when D. (Danieal) Manning went down, he stepped up to the plate and filled in and everything kept moving. That’s the mentality, anytime someone gets hurt, next man up.”

    (on CB Kareem Jackson) “Kareem is very capable of going out each and every week and making big plays. He’s working hard each and every day in practice. We work with each other. We push each other and we make each other better, so it’s definitely working out for us.”

    (on RB’s Arian Foster and Ben Tate) “You’ve got to tip your hat to the offense. I think they had over 250 yards of offense and anytime you have two backs go over 100 yards your chances of winning are pretty high, so those guys did a heck of a job for us today.”

    (on the game) “We had a great game plan going into the week and we executed it early. We knew we had them on their heels and didn’t want to back off them.”

    (on having two guys go over 100 yards) “It’s the greatest feeling in the world. It’s like Christmas for us. We don’t get the touchdowns and we don’t get the carries so just seeing our backs rack up those yards means everything to us. I had fun out there today.”

    (on Ben Tate complementing Arian Foster) “Tate came in and had a lot of promise last year but he got hurt early in the season and he’s worked his tail off to get back into the game. I’m not surprised at all, him and Arian complement each other very well. When one comes in we don’t miss a beat. They challenge each other. One comes in and sees the other one get a 20- yard gain and the other wants to get 25 yards. It’s great to have two backs like that.”

    (on being 6-3) “It feels good to be in this situation, but we know we have a lot of football left. We’re not complacent or satisfied by any means. This is a great win for us but can’t focus on it too much.”

    (on Lawrence Vickers) “Lawrence did a good job. Took him a while to come in and get acclimated to the system but once he got his feet wet you could tell he was ready to go. This game was more important to him than anyone going against his former team he was chomping at the bit. He’s done a great job for us and we’re excited to see what he can do the rest of the season.”

    They are really long for this game. Keep trying to hook up - Link
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    Anyone have a link or transcript of COdy's comments?

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