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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by F-minus67, Mar 19, 2006.

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    While I did this mock I assumed a few things, like the Texans signning Putzier and Flanagan. So with that in mind, heres my new mock draft.

    1) RB Reggie Bush, USC - one of the most explosive players to come out of the draft in a few years. Combined with Davis would make a formitable running attack.

    2) LB D'Qwell Jackson, Maryland - the best MLB in this years draft. A big hitter who stop the run and make plays sideline to sideline.

    3) (traded if Burleson signs) S Jason Allen - was an amazing player before his injury and is making a good recovery. Has good range and has some ballhawking abilities.

    3) WR Mike Hass, Oregon St - if Burleson isn't signned, the WR corps. will be a disaster with no real number 2. Hass has great hands and can get open. Would be and upgrade over anyone on the team besides AJ.

    4) CB Darrell Hunter, Miami (OH) - a decent corner with good speed who can keep up with recievers in man coverage, a good athlete.

    5) OT Michael Toudouze, TCU - a tough, mean blocker who would be a great fit in a zone scheme. Has good feet and is a decent athlete.

    6) DE Mike Kudla, Ohio St - has amazing strength and has played against a good level of compition in college. Is short but has a non-stop motor and good speed and quickness.
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    this is a lil reach for DQ, especcially since lb's fall on draft day. jason allen is a 1st rd. pick. good #1 pick though :redtowel:
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    I really can't see a team spending a first round pick on someone who hasn't played in over a year. I think he will go no higher than the middle of the second, but could easily slide with the emergance of Whitener and Minter.

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