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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by cptnbreakdance, Dec 26, 2005.

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    I cant help but think that if we do end up w/ the #1 pick and Reggie, along with the rest of the draft & free agency we COULD be a whole heak of alot better than we were this year. Does anyone have a list of possible free agent linemen for next year.

    If we were able to pick up any pro-bowl guards or Centers, that would, In my opinion, make Carr alot better and DD and Reggie too for that matter.

    I look for up to target Mcneil w/ our first 2nd and maybe a TE with the 2nd from the Buchannon trade.

    Yall forget that Wong was injured and he was our best linebacker by far, and now that Orr has come into his own, we could get rid of green"layno"wood.
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    we dont have an extra second as you are refering to. We gave away our second and first third last year.

    Top G/C this year: LeCharles Bently, Hutchison
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    Hey we posted a FA list in the NFL Forum. It is a sticky at the top of the board so just go and check it out.
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    I wish we could get rid of Greenwood but with his contract he signed (thanks to the football ops people for giving him so much money) he basically has to stay here for another year or two. I also wish we could get rid of Todd Wade, but similarly we won't be able to. I think Wade is the second highest paid RT in the NFL behind Robert Gallery and he hasn't made a Pro Bowl yet in his career, so I really don't know what they were thinking giving him that much money to come in and be our RT. Unfortunately we have several other contracts situations like these that will hinder our potential progression for the next year or two.
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    the significant FA linemen this year (which is fairly impressive if they both leave) would be LG Steve Hutchinson from Seattle and C LeCharles Bentley from N.O. both 2+ time pro-bowlers and both in their prime. Bentley would be a blessing for the Texans because of his age, dominance, versatility, & experience.

    greenwood i'm not sure why we got him, at any price. but since he is being paid so much (thanks morknolle for the research), we're basically stuck with him. wade on the other hand would've (and probably should've) been a pro-bowler with ricky behind him. i'd love to see Pitts holding down the right side bookend with a rookie top 10 draftee on the left, but either way ... with an improved line i think we'll see Wade is a LOT better than he's shown so far as a texan (imagine carr stepping INTO the pocket instead of backing up into wade's block and davis actually clipping the blitz).

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