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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Cheroqui, Oct 23, 2006.

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    Now that was a great and very enjoyable game to watch! Just what we expected before the season started based on old personel that made great plays past season and new that we felt would step up and help out. The great play we saw materialize during pre-season that made us feel like things are going to be much different this year. It felt so good to see our offense and defense getting things done, from running the ball, to dump offs to our FB, to using our TE's, wideouts, time to pass and everything, short of rushing the FB and possibly swing passes to the HB.

    Defensive players putting in work, old and new alike. Orr and Peek looking like they did last year, Lewis Sanders looking decent like he did in preseason with good tackles and TFL. Demeco Ryans as usual, and how about Gus Scott filling in and making plays? O K... :respect:

    I got carried away and really wish they would have taken the ball across again before we took a knee shouting "Come on! they don't have a problem putting 40 up on other teams, why can't we add another 7!?".
    Definitely how we should look on the field, on paper, plays and players. We even had our names come out of the mouths of the sports commentators, saying we looked good and this looks like the turn around for us and our season off of one solid win. (I really dislike their one sided, shady, winners pat, losers laugh ways ANYway).

    That said... Good job fellas!!! :highfive:

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