Peyton to begin camp on PUP

Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by srrono, Jul 31, 2011.

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    (Physically Unable to Perform) list while continuing to rehab on site in the team’s training facilities.

    To be clear, a player can be activated from the preseason PUP list at any point before the start of the regular season. While the news that one of the game's top QBs being unable to start the preseason is a bit concerning, Manning himself doesn't sound overly concerned. He has yet to miss a start in his career, so he safe to target as a top-five QB selection as he normally would be unless he experiences a setback.
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    He will not be practicing anytime soon. He will likely get very little time playing with and getting adjusted to his new and returning teammates. All this in an already shortened prep time due to the lockout. The thing is, I believe that as smart as he is with his body, even if he is not ready, his ego will force his start in the Texans opener............and we will destroy the Colts and make him forget about a next start.:pirate:
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