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    I'll leave out the opinion, and just throw this out there for discussion.

    Although I will say that, overall, one game has nothing to do with the other, it's just a bit of a comparison of how the Saints played against the SB champs in their own house and how they played against the Texans.

    Saints vs Packers (in GB)

    Saints - Scored 34 points
    Total Net Yards - 477
    Brees - 32/49 413yds 3 TDs 0 Int
    3rd Down efficiency 9/14 - 64%
    Total First Downs - 27 (20 Passing - 5 Rushing)

    Texans vs Saints

    Saints - Scored 40 points
    Total Net Yards - 454
    Brees - 31/44 370yds 3 TDs 2 Int
    3rd Down efficiency 8/13 - 61%
    Total First Downs - 27 (20 Passing - 5 Rushing)
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    I have to say that this was also the first time I saw a Texans team look just as mad as i was that they lossed. You could tell they had a goal in mind and didn't accomplish it. I look for them to have a better week coming up.
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    It kind of makes me wonder if home field means anything. :thinking:
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    There is no shame in losing to the Saints. They are an elite team. The Texans played a solid game and can compete with anyone in the NFL. Keep your heads up, fans, this is our year!
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    the waterin' hole...

    This is why this showing by the D doesnt tell me anything... Brees can do this against anyone....

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    We will go 1-0 this coming Sunday

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    I said in another thread on here that I think the Texans defense has the upside of being like the Saints from their SB year. They'll blitz, give up big plays, and get turnovers to give the ball back to the offense. If that turns out to be the case, especially against the better teams, the offense has to play efficient and effective.

    The rules are just out of control and skewed in the favor of the offenses these days. So it sounds weird to say I'm OK with the way the defense played when they gave up 40 pts., but with the way things went, I am. They pried the ball away from Brees twice and gave the offense more opportunities to do something with it. The offense kicked FGs. That's good enough to beat lots of teams, but not the Saints, Packers, Patriots, or the Manning-led Colts. This team lands on 16 points far too often. 16 points means you went 1 for 4. Elite offenses don't go 1 for 4 with as much regularity as the Texans have in the past. And whether we all like it or not, the offense has to carry this team. They can't put the defense in an early hole, they can't expect the defense to pitch a shutout, and they can't miss in the red zone 75% of the time against the top teams. Not if they expect to win, anyway.

    All in all, I'm not too upset over yesterday. There were lots of good things to pull out of yesterday's game. I just don't think this team has much more than the playoffs in them. The Packers and Patriots would annihilate this team, I think, and I'm not comfortable enough in the offense's consistency to think they should win against top defenses in the NFL, like the Ravens or Jets (or the Steelers of last year). But that leaves 26-28 teams they should beat. So it'll be a good year and I'll enjoy it as it happens.

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