Perhapes the least incompetent team won!!

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Ibar_Harry, Dec 3, 2006.

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    This was an amazingly incompetently played game. Having said that I will simply say I appreciated the efforts of Marcino once again. He kept us in the game with Mathis. The return by Mathis and then the play fake to Mathis made it possible for us to stay in the game.

    Kubiak finally realized that Oakland has one of the best pass defenses and one of the poorest run defenses in the NFL. Dayne finally looked good for a period of time and helped us win this one.

    Mr. Ryans was just awesone and that's the only way to put it. He certainly made a couple of key plays at the end, but the team was helped out by the missed field goals of Oakland. If they make those field goals its probably a different game. They didn't and we finally made ours. The victory must feel good to the Texans.

    I do not take solice in the win. Carr looked horrible. The 1st fumble was not a fumble, but what can we say since they didn't review it. The O-line was a very big problem today. Winston was literally eaten alive by Oakland. It is amazing to see the shots Carr takes and keeps on ticking.

    As to the kicking game its bad. Stanley simply is through I think at the end of this season. Brown's kicks are simply getting shorter all the time. He does not kick the ball deep enough on kickoffs and he is of a limited range field goal wise. He was better than Oakland, but then that's not saying a whole lot.

    I would give the defense and Smith a B+ today and I would give the offense a D-. I would give Kubiak and F and Marciano an A+. The play calling and game plan by Kubiak were simply retched and he is lucky our defense showed up. Kubiak can also think the TE for Oakland for giving away the game. Mario got a lot of pressure at times on Brooks in the 1st half and was contained in the 2nd half while others got the glory.

    Again, I think many of us felt that the offense would be the best part of the Texans' game this year. Its amazing how we have tanked in that category. The young defense is beginning to show some class, but I would say this is a tough game to use as a measuring rod. Next week's game should really tell us a lot more about our young defense. I will leave it at that.
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    What an ugly game!
  3. sleepwalker

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    Super ugly...We found a way to win and I am totally shocked.
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    Man, this game brings back memories from that Steelers game a few years back. It wasn't that bad because today we actually had productivity from at least the running game, but there were some shades of it.
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    This game kind of mirrors our game vs. the Titans earlier in the season. Except we were on the winning end, that is.
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    Who's the least ****ty? Thas why we won.

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