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    dont know, but cant find the one i just posted. Sorry if its a duplicate and cannot find the other one.

    Made this before the Rose bowl Vince will be earlier, i undestand that.


    Houston Gives:
    1st overall pick

    SF Gives:
    7th overall pick
    1st Rd pick next season

    IND gives:
    32nd overall pick
    92nd overall pick

    Chicago gives:
    25th overall pick

    Rd 1 Pick 1
    San Francisco 49ers (from Houston)
    Reggie Bush, RB, USC
    It just makes too much sence. Kid stays in Cali, goes to a team with no RBs, as opposed to Houston with a top 10 RB. Now have a futures combo of Smith and Bush, which could be a Manning, Edge type-duo in the future. Bush is the number 1 back, and player in the NFL, and thats why he's picked first. Not to mention bush gets to stay in Cali.

    Rd 1 Pick 2
    New Orleans Saints
    Matt Leinart, QB, USC
    New Orleans gets the much needed QB help. Lets face it, Brooks dosent get the job done one little bit. Lienart has supperior passing skills and has help in Joe Horn down field. McCalister, a top back aswell is another weapon in the NO arsenol, and even though no D exists, there are 9 more picks to work on that, and Lienart is too good to pass up here.

    Rd 1 Pick 3
    Tennessee Titans
    D'brickashaw Furguson, OT, Virginia
    Furguson has incredible size and agility for a LT. Can plow down the DE on runs and keep even top DE's at bay during passing plays. In a draft with a boatload of OTs, Furguson is the best, which says alot. The Titans have many holes, but none bigger than having nowhere to run for young talent Chris Brown. Brown shows great flashes from time to time, but a top T like Furguson could make him one of the most consistant backs in this league.

    Rd 1 Pick 4
    NY Jets
    Mario Williams, DE, NCST
    The Jets have a solid LB core, so Hawk isnt the best choice here. Williams brings great presence at DE, and is thought of as a bigger Freeney. Williams edges out BC start Mathais Kiwanuka as the top DE off the board. The Jets have bigger needs than DE like QB and RB, but picks like those here woudl be a bit of a stretch. A trade is also possible here.

    Rd 1 Pick 5
    Green Bay Packers
    AJ Hawk, OLB, OH. ST
    The Pack have an OK secondary, and a decent Dline lead by Baja Biamilia, but their LB core has really struggled. Hawk leads the LB core coming into the 06 draft, and for good reasons. He is commonly thought of as an Urlacher with hard downfield hitting. Improving the D is one step needed in GB, and allows them to focus on their once deadly trio : Favre, Green, and Walker.

    Rd 1 Pick 6
    Oakland Raiders
    Mathais Kiwanuka, DE, Boston College
    Oakland is a huge mess. Besides QB, they have a fine offense, and a pick of a QB would be a wasted pick, because they need a defense. Mathais is a pass rushing, run stopping threat out of BC. Lowly recruited out of Indianapolis - Cathedral, hes performed sesationally for BC, and should continue that into the pros. With Sapp really feeling his age, the lackluster Dline, already possibly worst in the league, really needs this boost here from "kiwi".

    Rd 1 Pick 7
    Houston (from SF)
    Eric Winston, OT, Miami
    Houston does a great job getting still a high pick this draft, and two first rounders next year, when Bush nor Lienart was needed in their system. What they need is Winston. Winston is the first OT taken in almost any draft, except for this one with unprecidented talent at OT. Wiston has great size and agility and should bring some reasurrance to the worst Oline in the last ten years. Who knows, Davis is already a good RB without a line, with a top LT to run behind, he might really emerge next year as a top notch back, and yes, finally Carr will have more than 1.5 seconds to throw.

    Rd 1 Pick 8
    Buffalo Bills
    Haloti Ngata, DT, Oregon
    Haloti has the physical talent unmatched by the nation at DT. He constantly breaks down double teams on him, which not only is a huge factor himself, but allows the DE's an easier path to the QB. He could be the bills next Bruce Smith Dliner. He stops runs up the middle, and even applies significant pressure to the QB at a position not known to do mainly stop the run.

    Rd 1 Pick 9
    Detroit Lions
    Jimmy Williams, CB, Virginia Tech
    YAY! the lions finally get it! They need a defense. Frankly an offensive pick here, and they might be run out of Detroit. Williams is a fast corner, and also big. He can tackle unlike many CBs in the game, and is rarely found without his man. Hes not a gambling CB, so INTs will not be skyrocketing, but neither will his man's #'s.

    Rd 1 Pick 10
    Arizona Cardinals
    Deangelo Williams, RB, Memphis
    Maroney is a possiblity here, but i feel Williams is the correct choice. Maroney took a whole lot of carries at Minn, and may lose a year in the pros. Deangelo has great speed and agility, and is similiar less talented version of Bush. The Cardinals need to stop beeting around the bush and finally get a top back.

    Rd 1 Pick 11
    St. Louis Rams
    Demeco Ryans, OLB, Alabama
    Ryans is the second OLB off the board. You know what your getting with Ryans. Hes an agelic LB with great vision on the field and should add some youth to the Rams D.

    Rd 1 Pick 12
    Cleveland Browns
    Vince Young, QB, Texas
    Vince's Arm is still a question, but Cleveland desperatly needs a QB to not waste Braylons talent. Vince reminds me a lot of McNabb, who can run, but is a pass first player with a deep arm, just sometimes lacks in accuracy. He should not be an 06 version of Couch, atleast they desperatly hope not.

    Rd 1 Pick 13
    Baltimore Ravens
    Jay Cutler, QB, Vanderbilt
    Ravens finally figure out Boller isnt the asnwer and go with Cutler. Cutler really rose in the projections and is possibly the #2 senior signal caller. Jay is constantly moving up the polls, but i doubt he goes higher than this. The ravens have a solid Oline, decent recieving core, and a good D when healthy... but no QB. Cutler helps this, and tries not to be another Boller.

    Rd 1 Pick 14
    Philladelphia Eagles
    Santanio Holmes, WR, OH. St.
    The Ealges have one huge need. WR. With owens gone, they have to replace him somehow, if they want to be back to a superbowl contending team. Holmes shows great speed and hands, and is the top WR off the board.

    Rd 1 Pick 15
    Atlanta Falcons
    Martin Nance, WR, Miami(OH)
    Atlanta needs a WR if theyre going to go any futher. Vick has to have mroe targets than a TE. Nance is more of a possession reciever and is commonly compared to Reggie Wayne, who also came out of Miami (OK so that was Miami Fl, but who cares ). No major tweeking besides a WR is in order for ATL.

    Rd 1 Pick 16
    Miami Dolphins
    Marcus Mcneil, OT, Auburn
    Saban has done a tremendous job to turn this joke around. They established their main need last year in getting Ronnie, now they need someone good for him to run behind. While maybe Scott out of Texas is possibly a better pick, Mcneil was Browns teammate when he was in Auburn, so the phins choose to take a Top notch takle in Mcneil, who definatly warrants a top 20 pick.

    Rd 1 Pick 17
    Minnesota Vikings
    Lawrence Maroney, RB, Minnesota
    The Vikes havent had a consistant RB in forever. They cannot go on with their 3rb duo. They have a lot of OK Rbs, but when you have a lot of something, its usually a lot of nothing. Maroney is a hometown favortie which makes sence he goes here, not only because he went to Minn, but because hes the best RB talent left on the board.

    Rd 1 Pick 18
    Dallas Cowboys
    Chad Greenway, OLB, Alabama
    If Greenway is still here its a steal, but with a draft full of LB talent and not a ton of teams needing a LB the boys luck out. He plays in a Big Ten conference full of Top LB's and ranks right up there with the best of them. A WR would be the best pick for the Cowboys, but no credible ones are left on the board.

    Rd 1 Pick 19
    San Diego Chargers
    Michael Huff, S, Texas
    Huff could be a S or CB in the pros but either way the Chargers need DESPERATE secondary help. A top safety can help fill the void of the constant deep passes going over the Chargers CBs heads. Huff is quick with a great nose for the ball, which should make for a great pro.

    Rd 1 Pick 20
    Kasas City
    Darnell Bing, S, USC
    The third USC player is off the board, and 5 will go in the first round. KC has done a good job making their D from Awful to average, but still struggle in the passing game. Bing is a hard hitter, and is like a Bob Sanders for Indy. His presence alone could keep WR from going over the middle, in turn helping out the KC D greatly

    Rd 1 Pick 21
    New England Patriots
    Tye Hill, CB, Clemson
    A slight reach here, but the pats secondary has gone from best in the NFL to a bottom dweller, losing Malloy, Harrison, and Law in the past couple years to FA and Injury. Hill will help rebuilt the Pats seconddary and improve the D as a whole. Besides, you know the last time the Pats had a CB named Tye(Ty) how successful he was .

    Rd 1 Pick 22
    Denver Broncos (from Wash last yr)
    Claude Wroten, DT, LSU
    The Broncos own the Oline, but the Dline is a differnet story. Theyve allowed 100 yard rushers more than they would like. The D is pretty good, but the Wroten adds a presence like the Neil Smith of old.

    Rd 1 Pick 23
    Carolina Panthers
    Jon Scott, OT, Texas
    Biggest steal of the draft right here. Hes possibly the 3rd best tackle in the draft, but Dolphins go mcneil b/c he's ronnies teammate in Auburn. This leaves the Panthers to really cash in. Scott was the reason Texas had a good run game with really no stellar backs. He should fit well in the system opening holes for Foster.
    Rd 1 Pick 24

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame
    Tampa turned a laughable O into an average one with the aquisition of Carnell Willaims at RB. They still have no decent option at QB. Thats where Quinn comes in. Quinn really gained crediblity leading the Irish to a top 5 team, and who knows how much better had USC not pulled out that miracle at the end. This move catapults TB back to a superbowl contender.

    Rd 1 Pick 25
    Indianapolis Colts (From Chicago)
    Lendale White, RB, USC
    This wont happen if the Colts keep Edge, but something tells me he's gone, because its going to be near impossible to keep edge and wayne. White gets lost in the Wake of Bush and is much like a Ronnie Brown to Caddallac Williams last year. The paycut the colts gain from this pick also allows them to sign a top CB or LB.

    Rd 1 Pick 26
    Cincinatti Bengals
    Ahmad Brooks, ILB, Virginia
    Cinci has a decent secondary, but the LBs and Dline struggle. Brooks is the best MLB in the draft and can really take over a game at times. He has great size and is primarily a run stopper, but plays the pass very well too. He helps but the bengals D in teh right direction. Mercedes Lewis is an option here aswell.

    Rd 1 Pick 27
    NY Giants
    Tamba Hali, DE, Penn St.
    Strahan cannot play forever. The giants cannot afford to lose ground as they lose Strahans ability. Hali was a solid presence at Penn st, and should provide a solid force as a pass rusher for NY.

    Rd 1 Pick 28
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Mercedes Lewis, TE, UCLA
    With teams needing a bigger need than TE Lewis slips a bit, and the Steelers love it. Losing Burress, Rothlesberger needs more options downfield, and a TE like lewis could be a great counterpart to ward, and spread out Ben's options.

    Rd 1 Pick 29
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    Winston Justice, OT, USC
    The 5th, yes 5th trojan to go in the first round. Is that a record? Justice provided a solid line for Bush, White, and Leinart, all going before him. Jax needs RB help, and unless they want to stretch on Drew, they will have to take the stud OT. Winston can give Taylor one more solid year, and allow a new back to have a great foundation

    Rd 1 Pick 30
    Seattle Seahawks
    Jesse Mahelona, DT, Tennessee
    The seahawks finally became a more consitant team, and a solid Dline will help even more. they allow a little much rushing yards, and Jesse is a prime run stopper from the Voulunteer College.

    Rd 1 Pick 31
    Denver Broncos
    Vernon Davis, TE, Maryland
    Ever since Sharpe has left, the Broncos havent had a force to be reconed with at TE. They won all of their championships with a top one. Another option here is Simarzjiah from ND, but Smith has another good year, and lelie is a decent 2 guy.

    Rd 1 Pick 32
    Chicago Bears (From Indianapolis)
    Jeff Samardzija, WR, Notre Dame
    Bears trade back because they fell they can get their man later in the draft. Earth to the Bears, you need an offense. Grossman can get by and Benson could be a future back, but WR wise, they still need help. They double team Muhammad because hes the only Bears reciever who understands that you have to use your hands to catch. Jeff takes some pressure off Mushin, and helps out the Bears O in the doing.
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    SE Houston
    I like some of your picks and the analysis is interesting. I doubt some of the trades happen and they dont equal out in the value chart. Also you have guys that have said they are not coming out. Samardzija is only a sophmore, but he reminds me of Ed McCaffrey. If Vince comes out he is a top 5 pick regardless. Nice that you have your team getting likely the best overall RB in the draft at 25 he is a poor mans Larry Johnson and I really dont want to deal with him twice a season. I doubt Arizona goes RB even though that is the thought Arrington when given the ball showed flashes and Shipp is a strong runner. Look for them to shore up the O-line or that porous secondary. Ok Baltimore will not go QB they will wait till a later round and get a second-tier guy, Broydie Croyle comes to mind. Jay Cutler fits in well with what Oakland will want to do. Look for Atlanta to go D-line or OT because they may lose Shaffer. Other than that decent picks.
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    Oakland loves their strong-armed rookie, but who knows what the new coach's offense will need. Starting Marques Tuiasosopo also says that their rookie isn't ready to start, but I've heard that they would pass on Leinart because of that QB. I can't remember his name, but I remember he kind of looked like Kyle Orton.

    I don't like Eric Winston at sixth overall. He is still recovering from that injury and I really liked Colledge from Boise St. Plus, the OTs from Texas should go ahead of Winston, since they are more agressive.
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    Not bad

    Obvious misses- Giants take Hali-they already have 2 all-pro DE's
    Steelers-another 1st RD TE-unlikely
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    i like it... If Vince doesn't come out then titans will take Brick, and i suspect the titans will have the number one pick next year due to their insaine schedule next year.... Right now Arizona is in the promse land with two franchise wide outs, and what looks like to be the greatest running back in the draft Deangelo Williams. In 2007 i expect them to snag up Troy Smith and turn him into a monster....
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    What are you smoking? Vince dropping to #12 pick? What must a Black QB do to get respect. Vince is the best player in this year`s draft and you have him down to #12. Vince outplays what was supposed to be the best college football team in history and is #12 on your list. You ,sir, need an enema on the brain.
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    yah sorry, i thought i had originally posted this and in that one i had noted that I made this before the Rose Bowl. Vince is a top 5 pick. MY bad for nto having that in there on this one.
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    Andrew Walter from Arizona State?
  9. mexican_texan

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    Spring, TX
    yeah, I think that's him
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    The University of Texas
    If we end up with the # 7, I doubt we go after winston. I think that we only trade within the top 4, giving us a chance at either Bush, Vince, Leinart or D'Brick.

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    Tampa, Florida
    tampa will probably not draft a qb...gruden likes chris simms. Try again.
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    Do you think 1st this season and 1st next season are enough for the #1 pick. I think not. There will have to be more.

    Personally i think the Jets will make a better offer... SF would have to offer to much to get the #1. Remember the Jets have another 4th they got for herman edwards... I think the Jets will make us an offer than cant refuse.
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    Yes, I think the Jets are in the best position to trade with us, and I think we could get this year's 1st and one of their first 4th, then next year's 1st and 3rd, and a player from them, hopefully John Abraham in a sign-and-trade since he'll be a free agent and they'll be close to if not over the cap without resinging anyone.
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    few things wrong with it...

    samardzija is a sophomore

    quinn is not coming out

    vince young is a top 3 pick

    lendale white is moving up and will be a top 15 pick

    houston will take reggie bush

    no way eric winston goes 7th

    the only way houston will draft an OT in the top 10 is if it is dbrickashaw

    martin nance is a second round pick and he is the #5 WR on my board

    the steelers drafted heath miller last year, and they have some big holes in the secondary and linebacking core, so mercedes lewis definitely wont go there

    vernon davis without a doubt will be the first TE taken, possibly top 15

    good effort tho:ok:
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    Your knowledge of football is lacking, but you put the effort into all of that horse crap:homer:

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