Part II of Much Anticipated Mock

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    It didn't let me put it all at once, so here's the rest

    Round 2

    1. Houston- Manny Lawson, pure pass-rusher, better than Babin or Peak, very fast
    2. NO Saints- D’Quell Jackson, long sought linebacker
    3. NY Jets- Nick Mangold, replaces Mawae and brings character and leadership
    4. Green Bay- Jonathan Joseph, a good athlete with a lot speed and upside
    5. Denver- LenDale White, Shanahan knows how to bring out the best in his players
    6. Oakland- Tamba Hali, good pass rusher who’ll help this desperate D.
    7. Tennessee- DeMeco Ryans, good instinctive underrated prospect
    8. Detroit- Davin Joseph, best guard in the draft and versatile
    9. Arizona- Roger McIntosh, with more experience could have gone higher
    10. Buffalo- Jonathan Scott, losing Mike Williams, he makes sense
    11. Cleveland- Richard Marshall, coached by a similar mind
    12. Baltimore- Sinorice Moss, could follow trend of the new short receiver
    13. Philadelphia- John McCargo, Patterson last year, once developed a good duo
    14. St. Louis- Ko Simpson, much needed secondary help
    15. Atlanta- Daryn College, fits their scheme perfectly
    16. Minnesota- Thomas Howard, real fast and should fit the cover two scheme
    17. Dallas- Darnell Bing, long sought safety could help for a SuperBowl push
    18. San Diego- Maurice Stovall, big receiver they need, shown potential under Weis
    19. Minnesota- Andrew Whitworth, the overhaul of the line still isn’t over
    20. New England- Derek Hagan, perfect consistent guy who gets the job done
    21. Washington- Charles Spencer, someone to take Ray Brown’s spot for years to come.
    22. Kansas City- Kelly Jennings, Herman won’t ignore defensive needs for too long
    23. Cincinnati- Daniel Bullocks, could turnout to be the safety they were looking for
    24. Giants- Abdul Hodge, the playoffs last year are evidence enough to show this need
    25. Chicago- Demetrius Williams, deep threat receiver to compliment Musin
    26. Carolina- Claude Wroten, Jenkins doesn’t stay healthy
    27. Tampa Bay- Taitusi Lutui, Big run blocker to open lanes for the Cadillac
    28. Jacksonville- Geris Wilkerson, they fill a major need with this pick
    29. Denver- Rodrique Wright, Shanahan knows what to do with underachievers
    30. Indianapolis- Jonathan Lewis, should pick up where Larry Triplett left off
    31. Seattle- Darryl Tapp, undersized but look what he did to Ferguson, D. Freeny’ish
    .32. Pittsburgh- Martin Nance, reunites with Roethlisberger, will be better than expected

    Rest of Texans Draft

    3a. Daryn College
    3b. Pat Watkins
    4. David Pittman
    6. Anthony Schlegal/ Dale Robinson
    7. Barrick Nealy
    7. Greg Blue (OLB)

    Let me know what ya think
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    You have Colledge going to the Falcons in the 2nd round and then to the Texans. Also, the Texans only have one 7th rounder (a comp pick). Our original 7th rounder went to the Bengals for Kevin Walter.

    If Colledge doesn't go to the ATL I would love[\i]
    1 Bush
    2 Lawson (would prefer D'Qwell / DeMeco or Richard Marshall / Kelly Jennings) but I am A.O.K with Lawson.
    3 a Colledge
    3 b Watkins
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    manny lawson is pretty much a top 25 pick now. he's way too talented to drop that far. y'know he was NC State's defensive MVP....

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