Panthers-Texans: A trip to the wayback machine

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Texans_Chick, Sep 16, 2007.

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    Here's a post from my old FanBlog from last season. Figure it is interesting going into the game:

    Are the 2006 Texans the 2002 Panthers?

    In 2006, of course, the Texans didn't go 7-9, instead they went 6-10. Both the offense and defense were improved over 2005 (wouldn't be hard). The defense improved over the course of the year and the offense stagnated with injuries to the line, running back carousels, and only one QB available for the last part of the year.

    The biggest difference in 2007 over 2006 is that Kubiak knows his personnel a lot better. He isn't going into the season suggesting that the secondary is a strength of the team because it features two first round picks as CB. Or goofing around starting Hodgdon at center. Or thinking he can get through a season with rookie running backs.

    Of course, the biggest difference between Carolina/Texans is that Fox is defensive minded and Kubiak is offensive minded. I believe that in looking at what Kubiak has done draft/free agent wise, he likes getting system guys for offense and the best players available for defense figuring that he can take care of his side of the ball but has to get some special athletes for the defensive side of the ball.

    Another difference is that Carolina had some early success as a franchise because they were able to take advantage of the salary cap before teams figured out how to keep their best players. The Texans say that they believe they will win each game, but to say something is different than actually doing it. The Texans have had so many "there we go again" moments, that they really do need to develop that expectation of winning.

    Anyway, I thought this old post might be interesting, so there you have it.:texflag:
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    so if we always draft defense 1st and kubes is right and he can make our offense work with 3rd and later round draft picks that should be one heck of an advantage on the rest of the league.
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    Oh and played in the last game of the season, here in Houston.

    So if the Texans are truly mirroring the Panthers:

    1. We're going to the Super Bowl this season! (Yeah!)
    2. We're signing David Carr as a backup QB in 2011? (NO!)
    3. A couple of our cheerleaders will get in a little trouble. (Hmm...)
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    Welcome back, you were missed last week. No more vacations the first week of the season. :) Hope you had a great time. Looking forward to reading you on fanhouse this week. And btw, :fans: I hope we see a great game this afternoon, which means the Texans fight hard, play well, and win.
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    Welcome back Steph! Hope ya had a FUN and relaxing vacation!

    IMHO this will be a TOUGH day for the Texans, BUT, anything is possible when you fight hard enough for it, and our Texans will have a fight on their hands today. I'm keeping the faith though and playing three of them on my FF team today!:wacko: Since preseason our boys have shown so much enthusiasm and passion, I just can't help but believe it will prove useful to them today.


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