PA, Videos and music in Reliant!!!

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Mean Machine, Jan 2, 2012.

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    I know this seems like a weekly thread after a game at Reliant, but its getting to the point where ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    Whomever is running our video boards at Reliant for the Play-off game, the fans are gonna be stoked and ready to roll, PLEASE put up the 'QUIET ...OFFENSE AT WORK" sign on the video screen WHEN WE ARE IN THE HUDDLE!!!

    Time after time they are blasting music or throwing up something on the screen when we are in the huddle or breaking the huddle, IT NEEDS TO BE QUIET THE WHOLE TIME!

    And TURN OFF the blaring music when we are in the huddle!!!!

    NOW, the reverse of this is when we are on DEFENSE!

    Stick with the BULLS ON PARADE, the guys on the defense like it, the fans like it, play it, play it loud and play it alot.

    And flash up the MAKE SOME NOISE sign as much as you can when our Defense is on the field.

    There are plenty of times for the advertisements, but this is THE PLAYOFFS!

    Get you act together PA, Video and music operators!


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