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    Looking at this thing from the outside, it seems apparent to me, that the Texans need to go outside the organization to get a Coordinator and fix the Defensive side of the ball. There are a few playmakers on that side of the ball, but according to numerous things stated by players in the media, and privately, the team needs a coach they can believe in and rally behind. A players coach that will make the games fun, fresh, and challenging, and permit player input to ideas /concepts being noticed in the heat of battle. When you look at the best D-Coordinators, they have this unique relationship with players. LeBeau, Phillips, Kiffin, etc....The players believe in their coaches, and are willing to leave it all on the field for them. It was evident, that the players were not willing to get hurt or end their careers for Smith, or the defensive coaching staff. Go outside and hire a coach, that has the respect of the players, and is willing to be here for a while and right the ship. No flash in the pan, gone in 2 year guy! But a lifer that has aspirations of being a D-coordinator and that's it. Bush is a good guy, but he's been here and knows the player all too well, and they know him. Hire a guy that will build fast,and let the players play! All while at the same time, building a unique relationship. A good D +this offense =multiple Super Bowl Titles!:fans:
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