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    Our Houston Texans will host the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday in Reliant Stadium. The Indianapolis Colts are currently 11-3 on the season.

    This will obviously be another very tough game for our Houston Texans. The Colts are areguably the league's best right now, and will be fighting hard these last two games for home field in the playoffs.

    As for our boys, these two games this year will be crutial as I have previously said. A strong finish is extremely crutial to the future of this football team. Our rookies can also gain more experience these last 2 games, and we also have the chance to knock of the Colts is what would be a very significant upset shall it happen, not to mention the first time we did it. It will not be easy, but games like this will only make our team stronger in the long run.

    Since we already played the Colts once this season, I will only provide a light outline of them. Here it is...

    Obviously, it starts with Quaterback Peyton Manning, the best player on the team. H'es the best in the game. He's 319 of 793 on the season, with as astonoshing 16 Touchdowns and only 9 Interceptions. He's very smart to say the least and picks defenses apart on a normal basis. Will will have to our best to contain this guy.

    RB Joseph Addai is having a solid rookie season for the Cotls rushing attack with 917 yards on 190 carries. He should finish the season with 1,000+, obviously one hell of a rookie season. His longest run of the year is 41 yards. He has also found the endzone 7 times.

    Dominic Rhodes may get a few touches Sunday as well.

    Reggie Wayne is currently the Colts best WR statistically with 77 catches for 1,213 yards and 9 Touchdowns. These are just unreal numbers that he puts up year in and year out. He's obviously very fast and a sharp route-runner.

    On the other side, you get a dose of some Marvin Harrison. All he has done this year is catch 82 balls for 1,180 yards and find the endzone 9 times. Oh ya, he also caught a 68 yarder this year from Peyton. Harrison is the best in the game right now, has been the past couple years and looks to be in the future as well.

    Obviously to say this Colts offense is just absolutely amazing is an understatement. They have weapons all over the place, and our supported by a steady, veteran offensive line that has only allowed 14 sacks on Peyton Manning all year.

    The Colts defense looked poor for a few weeks this season, but had one their most dominating performances last game on MNF vs. Cincy. They certainly have alot of talent and can make big plays.

    Cato June leads the Colts defense with 88 tackles. He also has a fumble recovery.

    The sack leader is the speedy pass rusher Robert Mathis wiht nearly 10 sacks on opposing QB's this year, he's just another big player on this Colts defense and we need to try to keep him away from Carr Sunday.

    The Colts defense can certainly produce turnovers as well. They can really make big plays. They currently have 26 turnovers on the year (14 interceptions, 12 fumble recoveries.) Nick Harper leads the team in interceptions with 3 so far this season.

    Overall, this Colts team is having another just tremendous season. They have a record-breaking offense, and a defense with alot of big names than can certainy make big plays, just ask the Bengals offense after their last game.

    This will, again, be another tremendous challenge for our Houston Texans football squad. We can still accomplish a good amount these final two games as I said above, and if we would pull this one out it will be the biggest upset of the year I think, and our first victory ever over the Indianapolis Colts.

    I'll leave it with this, we got blown out last week versus a very good New England team, and I can't see that happening to our guys again. The Colts are high coming off a big win on Monday night, you never know what can happen.

    Our fans have to fill Reliant on Christmas Eve Day and support our team and make some noise this game, espically when the Colts have the ball. One of the reason's Indy is so good at home is because of their fans and it will be great if our fans were like that Sunday.

    GO TEXANS :gotexans1

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